Ask Adam: Belichick, Free Agency... subscribers had questions for Patriots Insiders and in Part two of our series of ASK THE INSIDER, Senior NFL Reporter Adam Caplan addresses those recent questions. Caplan talks about the video tape scandal, the potential of 7 recent visitors to Foxboro and if the Pats should have signed a free agent safety or defensive lineman.

1) There has been a lot of reports and sources close the situation reports going on out there. I am starting to get confused. ESPN reports that the Commissioner made a decision, but I just heard Bob Lobel say that the commissioner has NOT made any decision whether or not we broke any rules. I don't know who to believe anymore, so I'm just going to stop reading. What's the real story?

Adam Caplan: Hard to say, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. The information seems pretty concrete that the Patriots had a low level assistant video taping signals from the Jet defense. What you have to think is someone from the Jets had noticed this going on previously, this wasn't a new development.

The league usually handles matters like this very quickly so look for the commissioner to have a decision soon as he has the tape and everything else he needs to make up his mind.

2) Hey Adam, know anything about this video....I know a copy went to the league office...anything else you can add..? Thanks Adam

AC: See above.

3) Did the Patriots have any interest in Darius since he was cut by Oakland? I see they bought other plays in and figured he is worth at least a try out. or was it that he was not interested in the Patriots? (Editor: We know he signed elsewhere, but were the Pats interested?)

AC: I don't think they were interested. It's questionable to what Darius can do at this point. Backup pretty much.

4) DL/DE Bobby Hamilton DL/DT Cedric Killings DL/DT Willie Whitehead were all in for visits, Do any of the three highlights have any upside at nose tackle. If I remember correctly Bobby Hamilton had some skills but he lacks the size for NT. Never heard of the other two.

AC: Hamilton is a DE, not DT in a 3-4. Killings can play DT in a 3-4 but he's just a backup. Whitehead is an interesting player. Came into the league as a 4-3 end then put on a lot of weight and got moved to DT. He's a good pass rusher but would be a 3-4 DE.

5) The Patriots brought in three more linemen and a TE. What's the story with these visits? Are these guys worthy of being signed? ( OL Dan Connolly, OG Rick DeMulling, TE Stephen Spach , OT Barry Stokes. )

AC: DeMulling is a guard who can start if needed. More of a backup though. Spach is a #3 TE at best. Stokes can play guard or tackle and has started before but would be depth if the Patriots signed him. Stokes would make some sense because of his versatility. But they have enough depth it seems on the offensive line.

[Editors Note: Adam answered the questions early this morning. The Patriots signed Dan Connolly this afternoon.]

Adam Caplan is a Senior NFL reporter fro In addition to his work at Scout, Adam is a Sirius NFL radio host and partner in Adam's league-wide reports and Insider analysis can be found on's NFL Experts pages regularly, or here on You can leave questions for Adam in the Insider's Lounge under the ASK ADAM thread.

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