Game Balls & Goats: Patriots - Chargers

Fans sound off in Week 2's Game Balls and Goats. Belichick gets some backers, LT starts piling up the goats and more. Send us your game balls and goats now.

Game Balls and Goats (GB&G) is a weekly opportunity for fans to weigh in with their thoughts on the Patriots last game. What went right and what went wrong is covered by every media outlet out there, but the fans rarely have their own opinions of who had a good game and who didn't.

In case you're not familiar with this concept GB&G provides you the place to dole out your own Game Balls (good things)  and Goats (Bad things) awards.


  •  - Nominate anyone or anything... from coaching, to officials, to the turf or just the players on the field
  •  - You can nominate up to 3 of each Game Balls And 3 Goats
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Week 2 Chargers at Patriots

Game Balls:

Tom Brady - Surgical precision led the team to an opening drive touchdown to set the tone for the night

Patriots Defense - simply amazing in virtually all aspects Shout outs to Colvin, Vrabel and A. Thomas)

Bill Belichick - OK, the guy has a distinct problem with fessing up to his actions.  He pulled a brain fart with his decision to try to get away with taping signals, and there are still questions surrounding the team.  He embarrassed his players, the fans and his owner.  Yet, despite all that.  Despite being ripped by the Globe the Herald, ESPN and every major media outlet, he had his team prepared.  He worked his way though the name-calling. He ignored off handed comments by other players, other coaches, the media and just about everyone, and had the team prepared to play. 

I don't know how you manage to do that unless you are one of the very best coaches in NFL history.  Sorry Charger fans, maybe it is not your time. That San Diego team last night was outcoached and outplayed.  Hat tip to Belichick for surviving the firestorm so far.


Tony Dungy and the player/coaching naysayers on Video Gate affecting past success -   Tony should just stick to his own worries, and not weigh in on the Patriots former success. Although everyone's entitled to an opinion, Dungy used his platform and stature to put in question of the Patriots past success without any proof that the current situation is connected to the past success. 

After winning the Super Bowl last year with the benefit of some exceptional play, solid coaching and a few rather beneficial blown calls.  To jump in on Belichick this week... earns Dungy the "Just Shut Up" award... as per Mike and Mike of ESPN. or in this case a Goat.

Ditto for Hines Ward, Joey Porter, Jerome "The Bus" Bettis, Boomer Esiason, Chris Collinsworth and the host of players (former players) who weighed in on the Patriots past accomplishments.  The Jets game did not cause the Patriots to win three Super Bowls... it was the guys on the field.

LaDanian Tomlinson - He could have been lumped in with the commentary category, but aside from making a dumb comment to the San Diego press "If you're not cheating, you're not trying", LT has yet to show up this year. 18 rushes for 43 yards (2.4 avg.).  Hardly MVP production.  Better to do his talking with his legs next time.

NBC Pre-game coverage -  With all the action on the field, the TV coverage was ok at best.  The pre-game was substandard.  How do you let the talking heads go off on the Video Gate for half the pregame?  NBC missed a great opportunity to showcase each match up, the players, the possible playoff implications and other enticing storylines.


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