10/6 Wire: Patriots Get Ready to Beat Heat, Fish

The New England Patriots head down to the underwear-named stadium that the Fish play in worried about two things: the heat and Ricky Williams. The local media writes about the former. A lot. Coach Belichick scoffs about such things as heat, though, and says it's the Dolphins that worry him. Here's today's newswire, with 11 stories culled from all kinds of places.


Updated at 10/6/2002 11:30:44 AM

Pats scoff at Miami heat
It's not the heat. It's not the humidity. It's the Dolphins. So says Bill Belichick when asked about Miami's supposed weather-related dominance at home.
Providence Journal

Tough task ahead
Ah, Miami, supposedly the capital of sun and fun. But, in the first couple of months of a National Football League season, at least, it's proven to be more like one storm after another for the New England Patriots.
Nashua Telegraph

Johnson uncertain of place with Pats
Every day he goes through the same ritual. It's almost the same blueprint that Ted Johnson has used since he was drafted by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 1995 draft.
Standard Times

Up and running
Unless Joe Namath comes out of retirement and leads the Jets to the AFC title, it isn't the least bit premature for 2002 Comeback Player of the Year Robert Edwards to begin practicing his acceptance speech with 13 weeks left in the regular season.
Boston Globe

Ricky Enjoying His Run
A week ago Williams was the league's No. 1 rusher. But a middling, 66-yard performance in Miami's loss to the Chiefs last week -- combined with the monster, 217-yard afternoon LaDanian Tomlinson enjoyed against the Patriots -- conspired to push Williams back to runner-up status.
Boston Herald

A forecast for Miami: Offenses will sizzle
For all the talk of great defenses colliding on the steam-heated floor of Pro Player Stadium this afternoon, don't be shocked if today's Patriots-Dolphins game is a shootout, not a shutout.
Boston Globe

Dolphins-Patriots could be a shootout
The Dolphins gave up their highest regular-season point total since 1986 in a 48-30 loss last weekend. Three hours later, New England was beaten for the first time in 13 games, losing at San Diego 21-14.
Associated Press

Fire away! Pats should stuff the run and let the ball fly
Ricky Williams this. Ricky Williams that. Priest Holmes this. LaDainian Tomlinson that. Can the Patriots ever stop a running back again in our lifetimes?
Boston Herald

Patriots: Big game against Dolphins
What was supposed to be a battle of unbeatens is now a less enticing but probably more significant game. The New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, tied atop the AFC East at 3-1, are both coming off their first losses of the season. Neither dressed themselves in glory last week, either, with the Patriots failing to stop the run in a 21-14 loss at San Diego and the Dolphins failing to defend the pass in a 48-30 loss in Kansas City.
Manchester Union News

Fiedler thinking big
``They are the team that everyone's gunning for to get their own Super Bowl hopes up, and certainly the fact that they're in our division makes it even bigger for us,'' the Dolphins quarterback said of the Patriots. ``Not only are they the defending champs, they're in our way for first place in our division, which is even more important right now. Every week's a `must' game, but this is definitely one of those games that's earmarked for us. We're tied for the (AFC East) division lead, and this is a point where one team could separate itself from the other.''
Boston Herald - George Kimball

Jets' hopes fly south
Well, the Jets have scored 50 points this season - only two more than Kansas City running back Priest Holmes. They have scored three touchdowns on offense, two less than Seattle running back Shaun Alexander managed in the first half of last Sunday's game against the Vikings.
Manchester Union-News

Tommy Gun Shoots Again

The Arena League has come through again, providing the NFL with an another unexpected star quarterback. First it was Kurt Warner of the Rams, who began his pro career with the indoor Iowa Barnstormers and later became the NFL MVP in St. Louis.
Boston Herald

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