10 Quotes and a Cloud of Dust: Week 3

"Videogate" was finally put to rest as the Patriots enjoyed a huge win over the Chargers. Now the focus fully shifts to the Bills and the games themselves.

The New England Patriots emphatically silenced the controversy surrounding their improper use of a video camera with a 38-14 demolition of the San Diego Chargers on national television. Days later, the NFL announced that no further punishment would be warranted. As Bill Belichick had been saying all week, it was time to move on.

This week, the Buffalo Bills come to town for a divisional match-up. The Bills lost a heartbreaker to the Broncos in Week 1, then were crushed by the Steelers 26-3 last week. Between free agent losses and injuries, the Bills could be in for a long season. A trip to Foxborough to face the Patriots juggernaut won't help matters.

The Bills -- along with all of the NFL and fans of all teams -- received some great news during the week, though. Tight end Kevin Everett, whose injury two weeks ago was deemed "catastrophic," was transferred to a Houston hospital to begin the next phase of his rehabilitation. Doctors were originally skeptical that he may never walk again. Now they have expressed optimism that he might be walking again within weeks.

While everyone cheers for Everett, the games go on. Here are the top 10 quotes of the week, heading into Week 3, Patriots-Bills:

10. "I want to thank the fans for their awesome support. I definitely felt that from the time I walked out on the field, they showed up tonight. They were with us and they gave us some energy and we appreciate that."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

Translation: "In Bill we trust, baby! I could break into your house and steal your TV but you'll still cheer me as long as we win, right? I love you fans. I think I'll coach here until at least 2013."

9. "I'm sure we'll drum up something to motivate us this week. You know, we always seem to find a way to pull something from nothing and give us a little extra motivation."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, when asked if last week's controversy will be a season-long motivator

Translation: "That coach Belichick. He'll do anything to find the edge. Half million dollars? First round draft pick? Doesn't matter, as long as he motivates us to win. I think one of these weeks he'll frame an opposing player for breaking into his house or something."

8. "You know what? They just jumped on us like a spider monkey."
~ Chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal

Translation: "According to Wikipedia, spider monkeys are New World monkeys of the family Atelidae. They are quite possibly the most intelligent of their kind, more so than gorillas and chimpanzees. And they can be mean suckers."

7. "The Patriots have fully cooperated and complied with the requirements of the commissioner's decision. All tapes, documents and other records relating to this matter were turned over to the league office and destroyed, and the Patriots have certified in writing that no copies or other records exist. League policies on in-game videotaping and audio communication will continue to be closely monitored and strictly enforced with all 32 teams."
~ From a statement released through NFL spokesman Greg Aiello

Translation: "This house is clean."

6. "There's no doubt that we need to play a lot more consistently in every area to have any chance to play with the Patriots. They're awfully talented."
~ Bills head coach Dick Jauron

Translation: "If I say really nice things about them, maybe they won't destroy us this weekend."

5. "I hope our fans realize how lucky they have it, because there's not a lot of teams in the NFL that are like this. And I don't mean that in an arrogant way….We're all lucky to play for [Coach Belichick]. He's the best coach probably in the history of the NFL."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "I wish I could trade places with a fan, just for a day. Get up, read the paper, play with the kids, put my Tom Brady shirt on, and then root for one of the best teams to ever play the game. Man, that must be fun!"

4. "That's so ridiculous. Seriously, is there anything else? We need to go out and have a good practice today. That's what we need to do. That's what I just got through saying. We need to get ready for Buffalo."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on the potential for an undefeated season

Translation: "I'm so happy to be answering ridiculous questions like these instead of crap about video cameras. But I can't have the players thinking they belong in Canton. I might need another distraction this week."

3. "Same guy, different number, unfortunately."
~ Bills head coach Dick Jauron on how Randy Moss looks now compared to when he faced him as head coach of the Bears

Translation: "It's as if the last two years in Oakland never happened. Couldn't he have gone to the Colts or something? No, he's got to play in my division again."

2. "I think he's a good quarterback....He has a good arm. He has a good touch on the ball. He has good quickness in the pocket to do things like bootlegs and run plays like that."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on Bills quarterback J.P. Losman

Translation: "He's not very good."

1. "I think Tom has thrown the ball well. I think he's made good decisions….Put the ball on the money. That's what a quarterback has to do."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "He's the greatest quarterback who ever lived."

The Bills need to avoid starting 0-3 if they want to have any chance of seeing the postseason this year. Meanwhile, the Patriots look to take another victorious step on the road to the Super Bowl. And with any luck, the talk of cheating is over, and we can all focus on the games once more.

Darren is a regular contributor to Patriots Insider. You can find him in the forums under the name: DestinationSuperBowl. You can also find archives of his columns on the Insiders by searching for "Darren Kelly"


Darren is a regular contributor to Patriots Insider. You can find him in the forums under the name: DestinationSuperBowl. You can also find archives of his columns on the Insiders by searching for "Darren Kelly"

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