Week 3 Game Balls & Goats: Pats - Bills

We've sent in our Game Balls for the week three 38-7 win over the Buffalo Bills. Now it's your turn.

Game Balls:

 - Wes Welker - can you ask for anything more from a guy 5-9 and about 190 pounds?  I think not.  The lateral, a great heads-up move with low risk at the moment.  Key receiver on third downs.  He may not be a stat leader, but he's key to the offense.

 - Offensive line - Nice protection except for a couple of breakdowns.  The team struggled early, but in the second half, they took control of the game by establishing position . Shout outs to Logan Mankins great downfield blocking, Russ Hochstein - good movement on the pulling blocks and Matt Light  -  few issues on Brady's left side.

 - Patriots Defense - After giving up a long drive to begin the game, the defense settled in to stifle the rookie QB, and the rookie RB who looked very good in the opening drive.

Honorable Mention: Bills for making an amazingly close game before the half despite so many injuries.  Hats off to Bills fans who will be saddled with low expectations for the rest of the season with so many of their starters out due to injury.  Buffalo fought third, and had many wondering if this game was the big let down the week after "Video-gate"

Honorable Mention 2: Tom Brady.  23/29 for 311 and 4 touchdowns?  Simply one of the best in the league.


 - Rush defense in the first half.  There is little reason why Marshawn Lynch should have scored a touchdown in the first half on his 8-yard run, other than poor tackling by James Sanders who went for the hit rather than wrapping up Lunch to prevent the score. Instead Lynch bounced off one defender,, out muscled Sanders and stretched for the touchdown.  It was preventable, and the Patriots didn't get it done.

 - Chargers: no we're kidding.  Or are we?  San Diego (1-2) lost again to the Packers 31-24. 

No more goats... good win, well played, even the broadcast was decent today (Props to CBS).  Retroactive Goat to NBC.  The sooner NBC gives up on football and pushing their agenda, the better for NFL fans.

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