3-6 Patriots?

3-6 Patriots?&nbsp; <ul> <li> Patriots lose 2 in a row.&nbsp;</li> <li> Packers won 3 in a row.&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p> Over the next 5 weeks, the Packers, Broncos, Bills, and Raiders could send a team once thought of as repeat-Superbowl-bound to the realm of the coulda'-woulda'-shoulda' teams in the league.

The Packers wont be an easy team to push around. RB Ahman Green has 416 rushing yards and the Packers will be sure to test him against the Pats defense.

Packers have and use the quick hitches and quick misdirections to set up the deep ball to Donald Driver and Terry Glenn. With the less than average play by the Pats LB's in recent weeks, the Packers should be able to keep drives alive.

Head Coach Bill Belichick must get his head out of the clouds and get some fresh air; the team is beatable, as the last two games have proven. His tendency to blame just the defense belies a weakness when it comes to keeping a young QB in check. Belichick seems to be preoccupied with the media frenzy around Tom Brady and appears to be caring for his QB with diaper and bottle at hand.

The Patriots look to be ready to use the pass as the primary weapon, and RB Antowain Smith looks to only be another unused talent on the team. Unless the Patriots better utilize their offense, teams will continue to make critical defensive adjustments during the games and take advantage of the glaring do-or-die game plan.

Key to beating the Packers: Take advantage of the middle of the field. The left side of the Packers defense was exposed a week ago vs. the Bears. LDE Aaron Kampman looked to be very soft on off-guard runs and had problems when the not so mobile QB Jim Miller rolled out to his side. On defense, the Pats need to find the pass rush because Favre will test the secondary deep early and often. The secondary must take advantage of chances Favre takes. Keeping Amhed Green in check will also be key, as the Pack will send him out on the Pats' confused linebackers to take advantage of the over-pursuers and poor DL.

Notes: TE Daniel Graham (shoulder) will not play vs. the Packers unless other injuries occur. Sources say the Patriots would like for Graham to take this week and next week (Bye Week) off to fully heal his shoulder. WR Troy Brown is expected to start.

Stat Call Of The Week: Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila will have 4 sacks (OT Matt Light) vs. the Patriots.



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