Behind Enemy Lines - Miami Dolphins Part 1

Patriots Insider Jon Scott sat down with Miami Dolphins expert Alain Poupart to ask about some hot topics in Maimi. In Part one, Poupart addressed: the 0-6 record; the change in coaching staffs from last season; Joey Porter's off field behavior and more.

Guest Alain Poupart, Associate Editor Dolphin Digest Magazine -

1) The Dolphins have yet to win a game this season and that has to be taking its toll on players. What is the sentiment in the locker room right now?

Alain Poupart. A lot of frustration, and the realization after the trade of Chris Chambers to San Diego that no matter what anybody has said this indeed is a rebuilding year.

2) What is the biggest change from last year’s coaching staff to this one, aside from a new head coach?

AP: The core guys of the coaching staff -- defensive coordinator Dom Capers and offensive line coach Hudson Houck come to mind -- remained in their position, so we'd have to say the addition of Bobby Jackson as running backs coach. Jackson, who had last worked with the Rams in 2002 was lured out of retirement by Cam Cameron.

3) The Dolphins always seem to have bad luck with injuries. How have injuries impacted this year’s roster?

AP: Trent Green's concussion was the injury that garnered the most attention by far, but it's on defense where injuries have hurt the Dolphins. Starting safety Yeremiah Bell (Achilles tendon) was lost in the opener, and Zach Thomas, Channing Crowder and Vonnie Holliday also have missed time. The injuries have exposed the Dolphins' lack of depth -- badly.

4) With the recent release of the videotape that caught Joey Porter’s fight with Levi Jones in Las Vegas, has the new had any impact on Porter or his standing with the team? Was Joey Porter worth the money paid to him?

AP: Actually, Cam Cameron kind of washed his hands of the release of the videotape, saying Monday the incident had been dealt with and was a dead issue. As for the last question there, anybody in Miami would laugh out loud (LOL) at that? Has he been worth the money? Are you kidding? Not even remotely close. In six games, you can count on one hand the number of plays Porter has made and you'd still have fingers free to type was a bust he's been!

5) Biggest weakness on the Dolphins team this season?

AP: Yes. The biggest weakness is they have a team. Seriously, in a strange turn of events, the defense has gone from being the strength of the team to being the weakness. Early in the season, the Dolphins couldn't stop the run; now they can't stop the pass. At least they're showing some balance.

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