Game Balls & Goats: Patriots - Dolphins

The Patriots pounded Miami 49-28, but there were some problems among all the hoopla. Who looked good on Sunday and who didn't.


Game Balls and Goats

Here's our game balls and goats for this matchup:


Tom Brady -- 5 -- scratch that -- 6 Touchdowns in the game 21/25 354 yards and no INTS.  That gives Brady 27 on the season. A perfect passer rating of 158.3 for the game.  He only had 24 touchdowns last year.

Randy Moss -- Amazing ability to make defenders look invisible. Moss finished with 4 receptions for 122 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Wes Welker -- The little engine that could.  Welker continues to make the offense go.  His ability to split the seam or convert on key third downs is amazingly important for Tom Brady and the offense. Welker finished with 9 receptions for 138 yards and another pair of touchdowns.

Honorable mention: Donte Stallworth 3 rec 51 yards 1 TD, Junior Seau sack to prevent any cut into the 21-point lead, Rodney Harrison another sack 30.5 for career. Willie Andrews with an excellent return for a touchdown.

Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown (23) runs in the second quarter as New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau (55) and New England Patriots safety James Sanders (36) defend during a football game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007. At left is New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas. (AP Photo/Hans Deryk)


Rush Defense -- the Achilles heel of this team.  It's ironic that the team is blowing out opponents and you have to be concerned with the rush defense.  179 yards given up with 6 yards per carry.  Against a good team this would be a real problem.  It does not bode well when the Patriots play Pittsburgh and/ Indianapolis.

Matt Cassel -- Horrible execution to try to kill the clock.  Locked on the receiver and telegraphed his pass straight into the arms of Jason Taylor for the touchdown.

Bad tackling -- Whether it was rush defense or pass defense the Patriots had problems tackling all day.  On the flip side, the Dolphins did as well.   The defensive coaches will have a field day chewing out their players when both teams watch the game film.  Miami players already know it's bad, but New England is going to get an earful from Belichick on Monday.

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