Dolphins Have No Answer For Brady

Tom Brady dissected the Miami Dolphins defense with the help of a few of his close friends. Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker shredded the Dolphins defense to help Brady set new NFL, team and personal records. New England won 49-28.

Dolphins Unable To Slow Down Patriots Scoring Machine
By Jon Scott, Patriots Insider

A look at the Patriots on Sunday gave you a glimpse of perfection as Tom Brady managed to get New England's offense rolling early. The Patriots put on a first half clinic of how to play pitch and catch in the NFL. Brady led the Patriots to five touchdowns in their six first half possessions, jumping to a 42-7 lead at the break. The pressure barely let up after that as Brady turned a perfect game leading New England to a 49-28 win.

Leading up to the game in South Florida, the mismatch of powerhouse vs struggling franchise was well documented. New England went into Miami as at least a 16-point favorite by some accounts. After their 21-point dismantling of NFC powerhouse Dallas last week, the prognosticators envisioned a blowout in Miami. They were right.

Just how good are the Patriots on offense with Brady under center? Miami linebacker Zach Thomas put it in the proper light. "They're stacked," said Thomas. "When (Tom) Brady was in there, we couldn't stop them."

Few teams can stop Brady and his revamped receiving corps, especially a team that has suffered the rash of injuries like the Dolphins. Miami cornerback Andre Goodman could only wonder what else the defense had to do to slow down the Patriots scoring juggernaut.

"You feel like you have the receivers covered," Goodman said. "You see what Donté [Stallworth] does when you think you can double Randy Moss. Goodman went on to praise former Dolphins receiver Wes Welker. "Wes is probably one of the best guys in that slot that you're going to ever find. At the end of the day, they have an offensive machine, and when they're on, they're on."

Fellow Miami cornerback Will Allen agreed. "They're like a well-oiled machine, said Allen of the Patriots' offense. "Everybody is doing their job, and you've got the quarterback back there, Brady, he gets the ball to the open guy. He's good at reading defenses."

New England was certainly on and on early. In the first half, Brady hit six different receivers going 16 of 19 for 281 yards and 5 touchdowns. Randy Moss had 104 yards and 2 touchdowns in just three receptions. Welker had 100 yards on six receptions; one of which was a touchdown. Stallworth in the meantime had a pair of receptions for 36 yards one of those resulting in a touchdown. Brady had a perfect passer rating heading into the half.

When asked about his own lofty statistics, Brady preferred to credit the players around him.

"Those guys are making the plays," Brady said. "I'm just throwing it and they're catching it and making the run after the catch. I can't take credit for Randy's touchdown catches. Those are all Randy Moss. The one to Donte was a 3-yard pass that he turned into a touchdown. Wes' was a 7-yard pass that he turned into a touchdown."

Despite Brady's preference to credit the offensive line, the receivers and just anout anyone but himself, the Dolphins head coach wasn't so shy about who makes the Patriots so good. It's Brady and his receivers.

"Obviously, that's a very, very good football team," Cameron said of the Patriots. "Tom [Brady] is just - he hit his first 10 or 11 I think, finally had to ground one - he's got a lot of confidence in those receivers. They do an outstanding job. You've got to give them credit"



The Patriots improved to 7-0 with the win, the first time in franchise history. The Dolphins fell to 0-7 for the first time their franchise history. … The 21-point margin of victory extends the team's consecutive streak of winning by 17 points or more to seven, another NFL record. … Brady's 21 of 25 completions for 354 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions gave him a perfect passer rating of 158.3 - the first one of his career. … Brady's 6-touchdown outing extends the NFL record of throwing at least three touchdown passes to seven consecutive games. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young held the previous record of 5.

The Patriots travel back to Foxboro to host the Washington Redskins while the Dolphins travel to Europe to play the New York Giants in London.

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