Thomas Tired Of Lewis' Rant

Ray Lewis is providing plenty of bulletin board material with his comments about former teammate Adalius Thomas. For Lewis, this isn't a new thing. He has had numerous public disagreements with his head coach, teammates and opponents over his career. The latest public diatribe against Thomas is just another to add to the list.

A hot topic in the Patriots locker room Wednesday was the feud developing between Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas and his former teammate with the Ravens, Ray Lewis.

It started with comments Thomas made in Sports Illustrated (SI) about his former team.

"You've got to remember, I'm coming in from Baltimore," Thomas told SI. "People there wanted the limelight, people sought out the limelight, starting with the head coach. It was a star-studded system. Here it's about as different as you can get. Everybody here shies away from being the star guy. Nobody on this team beats his chest. They just all go about their business. And win."

Lewis responded to the jab Tuesday on his local radio show

"You don't become a Super Bowl champion in this business without having character and dignity in what you do for your teammates," he said. "We won a Super Bowl without Adalius Thomas. The New England Patriots won three Super Bowls without Adalius Thomas. You're talking about a guy -- great talent, great talent, don't ever get me wrong -- but systematically we had to fit him into our scheme. Now is that discrediting A.D.? No.

"A.D., we appreciate you. But when you go and you do your own thing, do your own thing. You got your money, you're with a new team, be with your new team. But when (you) take a shot at men who you claimed you loved to go to war with, I call those (types of guys) cowards. Because if you've got something to say privately, you don't have to go to a newspaper. If you have something to say to a man, speak it."

Well, on Wednesday, Thomas continued the verbal jousting when reporters gathered around his locker inside Gillette Stadium. He insisted he was only trying to pay a compliment to the Pats, not disrespect the Ravens.

"The only thing I tried to say was that it's different here than it was there. I said I played with Hall of Fame guys on both sides of the ball and I named players on both sides ... Ray Lewis was one of the names I named. That's what I said, but that got cut out (of the SI article).

"I said Belichick is the same way. Everybody here shies away from the media. I said the head coach there (Brian Billick), he stayed in the media when I was there. That's not a shot, that's a fact.

"The only problem I have is the coward comment. To call me a coward, you have my phone number. You can call me. I will call Ray, personally myself. I don't want to sit here and throw (comments) back and forth, and make this a media frenzy as far as that goes. I'm bigger than that. I'm better than that.
"As far as calling me a coward I think that goes to something personal. I don't like it. I will address that with him personally myself. I'll call him personally myself and I'll talk to Ray."

The Patriots travel to Baltimore to play the Ravens on Monday, Dec. 3. Stay tuned.

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