Carter Just Amazed At Brady And Patriots

When the Washington Redskins traveled to Foxboro to take on the undefeated New England Patriots, Andre Carter knew it would be a tough matchup. What he didn't see coming was the 52-7 beating his fifth-ranked defense took at the hands of Tom Brady and crew. "I'm still licking my wounds," Carter said in an interview on Sirius NFL Radio on Tuesday. How else could he have described it?

Still Licking Their Wounds

Andre Carter was the a guest on Sirius NFL Radio's "Moving the Chains" with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan Tuesday morning. Carter was the starting defensive end for the Redskins on Sunday during the 52-7 blowout by the New England Patriots.

Carter was just one of the players whose job it was to get to Tom Brady to try to derail the machine known as the Patriots offense. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of the Redskins, that didn't happen.

"I'm just licking my wounds," Carter said of how he's feeling after Sunday.

"When it comes to being an NFL player, and having the loss we did. Nothing was going right on offense, defense and special teams. They're the New England Patriots, they're good. It's one of those games where you just want to get it out of your head and get on to the next game."

When the Patriots jumped out to an early lead, the Redskins continued to fight, but couldn't get on the scoreboard. By the fourth quarter the game was essentially over, with the score 38-0 and New England dominating in every facet of the game.

"We were still shocked about that (Brady being in)," Carter said. "But you kind of look at the week before against Miami. It is what it is." Carter was referring to the decision to put Brady back in the game after Matt Cassel threw an interception for a touchdown against Dolphins. The score gave the Miami momentum as they closed to within 21 points midway through the fourth quarter after trailing by 35 just a minute earlier.

Carter didn't feel dejected as the Patriots continued to score, even going for it on fourth down, only to score on yet another Brady-led drive to put the Patriots on top 45-0.

"As far as the team, we just kept fighting," Carter said. "One thing our coach says, we just kept fighting. You just never quit no matter what the score is. The coaches admired it."

The Patriots have the potential to be one of the best teams in NFL history, certainly in 2007. When asked how good the Patriots are by Kirwan and Ryan, Carter could only state the obvious.

"They're good. We tried to make adjustments," Carter said as he described some of the things the Redskins tried to do to slow down Brady. "They're a real good football team. As far as a game plan, we thought we had some matchups. I can't deny that."

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady scrambles around the rush of Washington Redskins' Andre Carter (99) and Cornelius Griffin (96) during the second quarter in a football game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)


The ultimate complement for New England came as Carter reflected on the outcome of the game putting it in perspective for those who haven't see the Patriots up close.

"The thing about them is that they just run things right. It's amazing," Carter noted. "Brady is so good at his cadence, and seeing where the safeties are. We did all these things to get him offbeat, it just didn't work."

For the Redskins, it was a tough day. Brady led the Patriots to 5 touchdowns and a field goal in the first 8 possessions of the game before eventually relinquishing control to Cassel. Maybe Brady felt it was enough of a lead that the backup could throw two passes for interception touchdowns, and the Patriots would still win by three scores.

New England piled up 486 yards of total offense, 334 through the air against what was arguably the best defensive secondary the team has faced. Washington was ranked as the 5th best defense heading into week 8. When the Patriots were finished, Washington fell to 12th overall after the game.

This interview was conducted on Sirius NFL Radio.

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