Patriots - Colts: Showdown of Unbeatens

Sirius NFL Radio host Adam Caplan spent a few minutes sharing insights with Patriots Insider Jon Scott on the Week 9 game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The game of the year needs an expert's take on what will happen. Caplan and Scott provide that in this week's preview.

The New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts game is finally here. The Patriots have been cruising along to victories against lesser opponents by establishing a lead early and not letting up when they open a big lead. The Colts have quietly gone about their business of just winning. The showdown between top quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning is the headline for the game, but it's really much more than that.

Brady, who is on pace to shatter Meaning's single-season touchdown record, is humble in his approach to the game. Yet, despite Brady's desire not to draw attention to himself, the media is unrelenting in their pursuit of the story. Manning has shown considerable class when he commented on breaking Johnny Unitas' touchdown record for the Colts. Both quarterbacks are at the top of their games, and will get a chance to show why fans believe they're two of the best to ever play the game.

Caplan comments on the Colts - Patriots hype and whether the the game is deserving of the many headlines.

Other topics covered:

  • Running up the Score. Are the Patriots blasting teams on the scoreboard intentionally?

  • Peyton Manning's ability to take his game to another level against the Patriots in the recent times. Can Manning do it again this week, or will the Patriots have his number this week?

  • Can the Colts Cornerbacks keep up with the Patriots wide receivers? Caplan addresses the new look Colts secondary and how they'll play Randy Moss.

  • Which quarterback has a bigger advantage, Tom Brady against the Colts Defense, or Peyton Manning vs the Patriots defense?

  • Dwight Freeney's impact on the game. What have teams been doing to slow him down. What's the biggest challenge for the Patriots to deal with to keep Freeney in check.

  • All of these topics and much more including a prediction for the game.

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