Colts: "It Wasn't Our Fault"

The Colts explained the strange sound glitch heard by fans watching Sunday's game on TV. According to the official explanation, the Colts did nothing wrong. That still didn't stop league insiders from wondering what did happen.

Rumors, bad blood and general suspicions have turned what should have been a marquee matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots into a concern over noise and equipment failures. During the television broadcast of Sunday's game, a reverberation of crowd noise came through to the television audience late in the game. According to the league and CBS (the network broadcasting the game) the noise was an anomaly by the broadcast production staff, but that didn't stop the Patriots from complaining to a league official.

The irony of the accusation is not lost in this, because it is the Patriots - the same team punished for "spygate" earlier this year -- who are now suspicious of another team breaking league rules. The theory that Indianapolis pumps noise into the dome to make it harder on opposing offenses is nothing new, those accusations have been leveled at Indianapolis in the past. But when the ownership of the Patriots asks a league official for an explanation, it brings the issue out into the open for all to question.

According to a report, the Patriots were concerned about a strange noise heard during the broadcast when the Patriots offense was making its comeback bid in the fourth quarter. It was believed the noise could have been heard on the field and might have disrupted the game. Patriots executive Jonathan Kraft voiced his concern to a league official and demanded an investigation according to the report. The league did investigate the issue with CBS and found no evidence that the noise impacted the game.

The League investigation lead to an explanation released via the following statement:

"CBS has informed us that the unusual audio moment heard by fans during the Patriots-Colts game was the result of tape feedback in the CBS production truck and was isolated to the CBS broadcast. It was in no way related to any sound within the stadium and could not be heard in the stadium."

The Colts responded to the accusations of artificially inflating the noise level inside the RCA Dome with the following statement released through the team website:

"We trust this will put an end to the ridiculous and unfounded accusations that the Colts artificially enhanced crowd noise at the RCA Dome in any way."

Unfortunately, the accusations will probably continue for the Colts as they have for the Patriots.

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