They're Winning Big, But Not Rubbing It In?

They're not just trying to win; they're trying to win big. That was Tom Brady's response to the accusations of running up the score. Aren't they one and the same? Not so said Brady who feels that winning big isn't about being disrespectful, but a sound football strategy.

No Disrespect Intended: They're Just Trying To Win Big

The numbers are mind-boggling. Thirty-eight touchdown passes, 3,059 yards and a passer rating of 134.0 through 10 games. But even though Tom Brady is having a season for the ages, all the future Hall of Fame quarterback wants to talk about are his teammates and how his success is a product of everyone working together as one cohesive unit.

"Offensively, football is such a team concept," Brady said. "Everyone relies on everyone else to be successful. The receivers rely on each other to get open. I rely on the offensive line to give me protection and the running backs to make blocks. We've developed great team chemistry. The coaches prepare us well and get us in the right place. We're pushed hard in practice. There are just a lot of different factors that go into making us successful."

Brady has been unbelievable on the field but he has had to become a defender of New England's scoring machine off it. The Patriots are putting up so many points and beating their opponents so badly that some have accused them of running up the score. Brady disagrees about them rubbing it in but does admit that the Patriots are trying to blow out the opposition every single week.

"We're still trying to make improvements and we're trying to play extremely well," Brady said emphatically to WEEI regarding why he and other starters are still in the game in the fourth quarter. "We're not trying to win 42-28, we're trying to kill people. We're trying to blow them out if we can. You want to build momentum for each week.

"You don't want to be up, 42-7 or 35-7, and all of a sudden you look up and it's 35-21. We don't want to be part of that. You don't want to go into next week realizing that for the last 18 minutes of the game your team didn't play well or didn't play up to its capabilities. You gave other teams momentum for the next time they play you or you gave another team a reason not to be intimidated."

It got so bad in the Patriots' demolition of the Bills that the Buffalo faithful started an obscene chant when New England went for a fourth-and-1 late in the third quarter up 42-10.

"Yeah, we heard it. Coach says he puts us out there to score every time we touch it," Brady said about the decision to go for the first down. "I think that's the job description of every offense in the NFL. He's not putting us out there to punt. We go out and run our best plays and try to execute. It's just the way it is on the road."

If Brady and the Patriots are trying to intimidate future opponents, they're doing a good job of accomplishing that goal. Through 10 games, New England has outscored its opponents 411-157. That's on pace to be by far the biggest single-season point differential by one team in NFL history. The Patriots could also be on their way to becoming the first team to ever score 600 points in a season. Simply put, this is the most unstoppable offensive machine the league has ever seen and Brady is the one leading the charge.

"Tom never surprises me. It's almost sad that we expect things like this out of him," running back Heath Evans said. "The way he prepares and the way he drives us week in and week out. You're always expecting greatness from him. Most of the time he delivers."

So, what's Brady secret? According to him he's simply playing quarterback like he's a point guard.

"You try to just pick your one-on-one matchup and hopefully your guy gets open," Brady said. "It's just a matter of me being a point guard. I need to distribute the ball to who's open without forcing it."

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