Behind Enemy Lines: Eagles Part 1

Patriots Insider Jon Scott spent a few minutes with Eagles Insider Chris Steuber to talk about the Eagles - Patriots game this Sunday. Steuber addressed the play of Brian Westbrook, Jevon Kearse's contributions, the NFC East and more.

Behind Enemy Lines: Eagles Part 1
Philadelphia Eagles guest analyst - Chris Steuber,

Is Donovan McNabb playing at the same level he has played at in the past, or are there concerns his time may be coming to end in Philadelphia?

Chris Steuber: McNabb's time in Philly appears to be over. I think he knows that his time is up and it's only a matter of time until he's benched and no longer an important part of the team.

Jevon Kearse was reportedly benched for poor performance this season. What is the story with Kearse and what do you expect out of him down the road?

Steuber: Just like McNabb, Kearse has worn out his welcome in Philadelphia. Kearse has been a major disappointment since he signed his eight-year, $66 million contract in 2004. Kearse's benching against Miami was the first step in the Eagles deciding to give the former "Freak" his out right release. I don’t expect much from Kearse the rest of the season.

Brian Westbrook seems to have been a big part of the Eagles offense for a long time. How important is having Westbrook on the team and what type of impact do you think he has on the Patriots game?

Steuber: Westbrook is the entire Eagles offense at this point. If he's not in the lineup, the Eagles don't score points. It's as simple as that. If the Patriots take away Westbrook then they take away the Eagles offense. I wouldn't be surprised to see a spy on Westbrook all game. The only way the Eagles have a chance to keep this game competitive is for Westbrook to have a breakout game.

Why are the Eagles struggling in the NFC East division? Is it the competition or is there something affecting the Philadelphia's performance?

Steuber: Obviously the Cowboys are very good, but I think the Eagles over evaluated their talent and they're not as good as they thought. You can't point the finger at one person for the Eagles struggles this season, because it's a team effort in a win or a loss, but Andy Reid's off the field problems, along with McNabb's injury situation hasn't helped matters this season. There is too much controversy surrounding this team and it has definitely hurt their performance on the field this year.

How has the loss of players from last season affected the team's makeup this year? (pros, cons…)

Steuber: I don't think the loss of any player has hurt the Eagles this season, I just don't think the players they have are playing up to their full potential. There are a handful of players that are playing up to their talents: Trent Cole, Juqua Thomas, Takeo Spikes, Kevin Curtis and Westbrook. Everyone else is struggling, battling injuries, or not pulling their own weight.

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