Behind Enemy Lines: Eagles Part 2

Patriots Insider Jon Scott spent a few minutes with Eagles Insider Chris Steuber to talk about the Eagles - Patriots game Sunday. Steuber addressed: McNabb's comments on Spygate; The Eagles defensive secondary; offense without Westbrook and more in Part two of this look inside the Eagles.

Donovan McNabb weighed in on "spygate" saying he wanted his Super Bowl ring back. What is the sentiment regarding the Patriots Super Bowl 39 victory and how much has "spygate" impacted the impression down there of this year's Patriots?

Chris Steuber: I think it was a topic for about a week, when the investigation took place, but besides that it has been very quite on that front. For McNabb to say he wants his ring back, that's a ridiculous statement, especially since he never had it in the first place and his play in the Super Bowl didn't warrant a championship ring.

How will the Eagles contain Randy Moss, Wes Welker and the Patriots high powered passing attack?

Steuber: That's a great question, considering nobody else in the league has been able too. That's a tough assignment for any secondary, let alone a defensive backfield that's been battling injuries all season long. I think Reid has faith in his corners and safeties, but I don't think you can contain those guys; you just have to try to keep them in front of you.

Much has been made of Andy Reid's kids' troubles. How much do you think that has impacted the team?

Steuber: He says it hasn't affected his team, but it's obvious something has stalled their growth. Reid won't comment on the situation, but anytime you have family problems it's going to impact some portion of your everyday life. And it appears his personal life has interfered with his professional focus.

Bill Belichick is well known for taking away the opponent's best weapons on offense and challenging the other team to beat the Patriots using plan B. What do you think Belichick will try to take away, and what is Philadelphia's plan B?

Steuber: Westbrook has to be his primary target to take away. If Belichick is successful taking Westbrook out of the Eagles offense, you won't see any offensive flow. So to answer your question, if Westbrook is out of the picture, the Eagles don't have a plan B, especially if McNabb is sidelined with his injuries.

The Eagles were 23 point underdogs at one point this week - the highest ever for a non-expansion team. It's a pretty sizable point spread for any team. Do you think Vegas is disrespecting the Eagles, or do you see that much trouble for Philadelphia this weekend?

Steuber: How can argue with it? The Patriots are as dominant a team as I've ever seen. I don't think Vegas is disrespecting the Eagles in anyway with the point spread, it's just the nature of the beast. The Eagles have been inconsistent all season and they haven't given anyone an indication that this week will be any different.

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