Patriots - Eagles: Game Balls and Goats

Asante Samuel and Wes Welker had a good game, but a lot of other things didn't go so well for other Patriots tonight as New England barely beat Philadelphia 31-28. Here are the Game Balls and Goats for the Patriots - Eagles matchup.

Send us your Game Balls (good things) and Goats (bad things) for the game.

In case you didn't know the drill, here it is. Give us your best three game balls for good performances, and your three goats for not so good performances.  You can name anyone or anything from crowd noise to refs to a particular player.  Honorable mentions allowed if you have more than three.

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Here's ours:

Game Balls

Wes Welker – Is there any doubt Welker was one of the best additions the Patriots made in the off-season?  When Randy Moss gets doubled, and Ben Watson can't get open over the middle and Laurence Maroney gets stacked up at the line, Welker finds ways to get open.  The guy had a career night against the Eagles hauling in 13 catches for 149 yards.  He was also key as a blocker.

Eagles Coaching – they out coached the Patriots completely.  For the hampered Eagles to carry a lead in the second half and threaten the Patriots win streak late in the game, you know the eagles had a solid game plan.  Props to Andy Reid and the rest of the coaching staff.

Asante Samuel – Good timing to haul in the first interception and the one in the end zone.  Although the Patriots wanted Samuel to prove that he was worth the money.  Is there any doubt he's the best corner on the team?  No.  Pay the man and get him under contract, because the rest of the corners were exposed. Tonight. 

Honorable Mentions:
A.J. Feeley
– great game by Feeley despite the picks.  There is little doubt why there should be a controversy in Philadelphia at quarterback.  McNabb may be the starter, but the way McNabb plays, there's little doubt the game would have been this close if he played.  Feeley was on fire at certain points in the game.

Jabar Gaffney – Nice game against the team the cut him prior to the start of the 2006 season.  Gaffney made some nice plays finishing with 6 catches for 87 yards and a touchdown.

Tom Brady – Not his best game, but made plays when the team needed him to.  The scrambles were key.  Brady's streak of throwing 3 TDs per game came to an end tonight. Still 350 yards, and no interceptions puts him in the discussion for a game ball.


Patriots Defense – with the exceptions of Asante Samuel the secondary was horrible.  Maybe it was the scheme as the Patriots opted to run with outside coverage allowing the Eagles to run wild down the middle of the field; maybe it was just the way the DBs played. Allowing A.J. Feeley to pass of rover 350 yards and keep the game that close exposed the Patriots defense, which we've been saying could be the team's Achilles.

Patriots Coaching – The decision not to run Laurence Maroney and to try to force Randy Moss into the game plan almost backfired tonight.  Without Wes Welker making plays, the Patriots should have been in much worse trouble than they were at the end.  The team was outcoached, by the eagles on offense And on defense.  Props to the Eagles for making the Patriots look pedestrian.

Refs – again, another controversial call against Randy Moss in the end zone.  After watching the tape, it's very difficult to justify the ref's call late in the game on Moss' touchdown. 

Honorable mentions:
Stephen Gostkowski
  – if you read our Behind Enemy Lines you would realize we're not high on Gostkowski, and haven't been since training camp. It's his consistency.  He has a leg, but accuracy is an issue.  While people find it hard to believe we don't have faith in Gostkowski, it's his consistency we're concerned about, and he proved us right tonight.

Donte Stallworth – A couple of dropsies by Donte.  It's just not turning out to be the type of game where Stallworth was the same threat he was early on in the season. 

Jerry Jones and the NFL Network -- for hawking the Dish network because 70% of the country can't see  the Cowboys - Packers game next Thursday.  Maybe the Cowboys should have asked for the game to be flexed rather than a Thursday night no one can see.

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