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Patriots Insider Jon Scott spent a few minutes with Ravens insider Aaron Wilson to talk about the Monday night matchup. Some of the topics include: Ray Lewis and Adalius Thomas' feud; Kyle Boller vs Steve McNair; Ed Reed's receiving props from Belichick, Randy Moss and more

Guest Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital. Wilson's articles can be found at, part of the network.

The Ravens offense has been anemic at many points over the years. With Kyle Boller taking over for Steve McNair, do you see that changing?

Aaron Wilson: Not really, they are similar in terms of turnovers. While Kyle Boller has a much stronger arm and superior mobility to Steve McNair, his erratic decisions and poor touch lead to similar lack of productivity.

Ray Lewis and Adalius Thomas have had their fair share of public feuding through the media. Do you think Lewis is going to take this game personally, or is the bad blood behind these two over now?

Wilson: I think they have put it behind them for the most part. I think Ray Lewis will play inspired football following the murder of Sean Taylor. I think A.D. didn't like Ray when he was here anyway, so this isn't really a big deal. Several Ravens linebackers over the years have disliked ray.

Ed Reed was praised as the best thing since sliced bread by Bill Belichick on Wednesday. While Reed is certainly one of the better safeties in the league, do you think anything Belichick said will stick with Reed or will he shrug it off as just some pregame hype? How important is Reed to the defense?

Wilson: I think Ed Reed is very sad right now due to his friend, Sean Taylor, dying. I think he'll play fired-up regardless of the praise. This isn't the first coach to compliment Reed and it won't be the last. He's a pivotal figure, but his gambling instincts can backfire at times.

What is the biggest weakness of the Ravens at this time, and why?

Wilson: Turnovers, they rank last in the NFL in turnover margin after finishing first a year ago.

Brian Billick seems to be wrapped in Teflon, and doesn't seem bothered by all the criticism leveled at him for not building a solid offense even though that was his specialty before he joined the Ravens. Do you think the criticism is warranted, and what does Billick's future look like in Baltimore?

Wilson: The criticism is warranted.. If Billick is able to return, expect him to be stripped of the play-calling duties and to be on a short leash next season.

The Patriots are closing in on the single season franchise scoring record (556) held by Brian Billick's former team (Minnesota Vikings). Do you think it's ironic that defensive guru Bill Belichick's team is threatening to break a former offensive guru's (Billick) scoring record using Billick's former receiver Randy Moss?

Wilson: It's ironic, don't you think? Billick doesn't seem to care that the record will be broken.

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