Trash Talk Is Expensive: Harrison Fined

Sometimes it's better not to flaunt success in the face of the opposition. You can't tell that to Rodney Harrison, who had his own conversation with Brian Billick last Monday night. It's going to cost Harrison.

Harrison Pays For His Trash Talking

Patriots' safety Rodney Harrison found himself lighter in the wallet this week for taunting antics against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. It was just one more indiscretion for the Patriots' veteran leader who is one of the most fined players in the NFL.

The heated contest came down to key turnovers and big plays in the final minutes as the Patriots defense managed to stop the Ravens from scoring the knockout punch. After the play Harrison just couldn't help himself and ran past Ravens coach Brian Billick to taunt the coach after the play. Harrison will shell out $5,000 for his indiscretion.

The play in question came when cameras caught Billick blowing kisses at Harrison as the Patriots defender ran back toward his sidelines. Billick was just having fun with Harrison who apparently decided that saying something to Ravens head coach was a good idea. While it may have been fun, those words will cost Harrison.

In a press conference earlier this week Billick responded to the question on if he ever thought that blowing a kiss to someone would gain so much attention.

"I've been fined for some of the alternative, particularly in the tone and manner that he was addressing us," Said Billick"." So, I thought that was a way of saying, 'OK, that's fine, we love you, and you can kiss my backside. But that [was] in the moment, and I think it's harmless enough."

What was it that got Billick to pucker up? (See clip of the moment here)

"He said a few things about me, Kyle [Boller], and my team, and I just want him to know first, we love you Rodney, and secondly, you can kiss my back side," Billick said. "I don't take offense to what Rodney did, and I hope he doesn't misinterpret my gestures, because he's not that good-looking a guy."

Harrison didn't address the fine, which was handed down late in the week. Also fined were four Ravens' players for their comments about the officiating. Linebacker Bart Scott took the brunt of the fines with a $25, 000 penalty for his comments and for an unsportsmanlike penalty called when Scott threw an official's flag into the stands.

Wide receiver Derrick Mason, and defensive backs Samari Rolle and Chris McAlister were also fined $15,000 each for their comments.

"This is about the importance of sportsmanship and respecting the integrity of our game," said Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations. "We do not tolerate inappropriate conduct between teams and game officials.

Randy is the Man

Patriots' wide receiver Randy Moss earned AFC Player of the Month honors this past week for record setting performance in November. Moss led the NFL in touchdowns (17), averaging 103.5 yards per game in November to go along with 5 touchdown receptions. Moss turned in a four-touchdown performance against the Buffalo Bills in the first half of the Patriots 56-10 blowout of their AFC East division rival The 4 TDs set a personal best and a franchise record.

The award was Moss' first Player of the Month award. Tom Brady also won Player of the Month in September and October.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was named AFC Defensive player of the Month while Cleveland Browns kick returner Joshua Cribbs earned honors fro Special Teams Player of the Month.

Reaction To The Guarantee

Brash young Steelers safety Anthony Smith guaranteed a win over the Patriots on Sunday. "Yeah, I can guarantee a win, as long as we come out and do what we've got to do," Smith said "If both sides of the ball are rolling and our special teams come through for us, we've got a good chance of winning."

Smith's coach Mike Tomlin brushed aside the comment, hoping that it wouldn't become bulletin board material.

"You know, guarantees aren't worth the paper that they're written on," Tomlin said in his press conference. "It's old hat in this business. I think anytime you have a big game, you'll find some young guy in the corner of a locker room willing to guarantee a victory. In this business, it's not about what we say; it's about what we do. We understand that and I'm sure the Patriots understand that as well."

Some of the Patriots players agreed with the Steelers head coach.

"If you went back and documented every time someone called their own shot, I mean, what are the chances?" linebacker Mike Vrabel asked. "You're going to win or you're going to lose. Either way I don't think that prediction will have much bearing on the outcome."

"Obviously, there is obviously a build-up before the game and that's the way this started," linebacker Junior Seau said. "There is going to be talk every week. We're not going to pay attention to that. We're going to try to do what we do every week, which is work. Hopefully that will be good enough come Sunday. Come Sunday, all the talk will be between the white lines. It always is."

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