Patriots: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Week 15 and we tell you ten things you probably didn't realize about the Patriots this week. Some are records, some are stats, some are just plain interesting things to talk about at the water cooler. Watch the game to compare the list to the action on the field.

Ten things you probably don't know about the Patriots

  1. 1) With a win, the Patriots can even their all time record against the Jets to .500. Right now, they're 47-48-1 for both regular season and the playoffs.

  2. The Jets have scored less than 17 points in 9 of their past 10 meetings with the Patriots. New England has scored at least 24 points in every game this year.

  3. Tom Brady owns three of the top 10 passing performances in a single game this season. (399 vs Pittsburgh; 388 at Dallas and 380 vs Philadelphia). Those were the top defenses the Patriots have played this season aside from Indianapolis. The Jets defense is currently ranked 28.

  4. 54 points is all that stands between the Patriots and NFL History for most posts scored in a season. New England currently has 503 points. The NFL record of 556 was set by the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.

  5. 4 touchdowns are all that stand between Randy Moss and the single season touchdown record of 22 set by Jerry Rice established in 1987.

  6. The Patriots need only 6 more touchdowns to break the NFL Record for most touchdowns in a single season by a team. The Miami Dolphins hold the current record of 70 touchdowns, a record they set in 1984.

  7. One win and the Patriots become tie the second longest regular season winning streak of 17 games held by the 1933-34 Chicago Bears. The Patriots hold the top spot of 21 set in the 2003-04 season.

  8. A win also makes New England the second team in NFL History to win 14 consecutive regular season games. The other team is the 1972 Dolphins who went undefeated that season.

  9. 12 - the number of points the Patriots have to outscore the Jets by in order to establish the biggest point differential in NFL History. New England has scored 503 points while allowing just 222 points by opponents this season (a 281 point differential). The record of 292 was set by the 1942 Chicago Bears.

  10. 1 - one win today will give the Patriots homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

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