Behind Enemy Lines - Dolphins Part 1

Alain Pourpart of Dolphin Digest spent a few minutes with our own Patriots Insider Jon Scott to talk about this week's game. Poupart weighed in on The Dolphin's first win, Miami's quarterback of the future, Jason Taylor and even LB Channing Crowder's chances to replace Zach Thomas.

Dolphins insider Alain Poupart of Dolphin Digest Magazine and is this week's guest on Behind Enemy Lines.

1) So who is the quarterback for the Dolphins? Is he even on the roster?

Alain Poupart: I detect some sarcasm there. Everyone knows Cleo Lemon, fresh off winning AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors, is the Dolphins quarterback. That's for this week, though. Probably the last game of the season, too. Next year? Who knows? John Beck still figures to be the guy, but based on what he showed as a rookie this season, it's not a lock.

2) Now that the Pro Bowl roster is out, who deserved All Star recognition and didn’t get it?

Poupart: From the Dolphins? Are you kidding? The team is 1-13. They're lucky they even got one (Jason Taylor). Taylor does have 10 sacks and four forced fumbles, but the truth is there haven't been many game-changing plays and you could argue he shouldn't have been selected, either. Ronnie Brown looked like he was headed to the Pro Bowl before he got hurt in the first game against the Pats.

3) Jason Taylor said beating the Baltimore Ravens last week was pretty gratifying. How much of an impact did the team’s first win have?

Poupart: Other than for the psyche of the players, who so badly wanted to avoid the embarrassment of going 0-16, very little. This is still a team with question mark on top of question mark.

4) Jason Taylor is back in the Pro Bowl. Did he deserve the honor, or was he there because of his reputation? Who else in the AFC deserves his spot if he wasn’t able to make it?

Poupart: Mario Williams from Houston is the guy who should have gone instead of Thomas. Taylor was voted in, partly because of his reputation, although he has had a decent season despite playing on a God-awful team.

5) Is Channing Crowder ready to become the next Zach Thomas?

Poupart: Based on what we've seen, not even close. We've heard for three years about how bright Crowder is and what a great future he has, but the truth is he's been very, very ordinary so far in his career. Not sure if it's a lack of instinct or what, but the guy just doesn't make any big plays. He's probably done for this season, too, after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery this week. [Editors note: Crowder was placed on IR after this interview]

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