Behind Enemy Lines - Dolphins Part 2

Alain Poupart of Dolphin Digest spent a few minutes with our own Patriots Insider Jon Scott to talk about this week's game. Poupart weighed in on the addition of Bill Parcells, the future of Zach Thomas, the '72 Dolphins and more.

Dolphins insider Alain Poupart of Dolphin Digest Magazine and is this week's guest on Behind Enemy Lines.

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6) Is Zach Thomas coming back, or do you think he’ll retire?

Alain Poupart: Great question. Thomas is a competitor and he'll want to play, no doubt. But his wife might have something to say about that, and it appears she's very much against his playing again. Another major issue with Thomas returning to the Dolphins is the fact he's scheduled to make $5.6 million next season. That's an awful lot of money for a linebacker who will be 35 next September and will be coming off a concussion-shortened season. My best guess is the Dolphins will ask Thomas to restructure his contract, and the combination of that plus the concussion issues will make him reluctantly give up the game.

7) The ’72 Dolphins are in the news constantly, offering their opinion on the undefeated season. Mercury Morris seems a bit defensive of the record. What’s your take on the general feeling from members of that team and their comments about the Patriots’ chances to go undefeated?

Poupart: It's not their fault when they're always in the news. Media members constantly seek them out, it's not like they phone newspapers or television stations to volunteer their opinions on the latest unbeaten team. As for their take on the Pats, of course, they want to see them lose no matter what they say. Another team going undefeated obviously would taken away from their legacy. That's just normal.

8) If you could change one thing about the 2007 Dolphins’ roster, what would it be?

Poupart: Its entirety. Just kidding. I think you have to start at quarterback because it has, once again, been a disaster. Look at the top two seeds in each conference and you see Brady, Manning, Favre and Romo. Look at the Dolphins, and you see Trent Green, Cleo Lemon and John Beck. End of story.

9) Do you think adding Bill Parcells will help the organization?

Poupart: Not as much as if he were coming in as the head coach. I'm not ready to say that Randy Mueller couldn't have gotten the job done in terms of personnel, so while Parcells has a good track record in that department, it's only so much of an upgrade. Parcells as head coach, on the other hand, would have provided a massive upgrade.

10) What are your three keys for the Dolphins to have a chance to win?

Poupart: Number one, Brady is sick and doesn't play. Number two, Bill Belichick decides keeping players healthy is more important than going for 16-0 (fat chance!) and rests every significant player. Number three, there's a nasty blizzard, the playing conditions are atrocious, so it evens the playing field. I kid because I have a hard time seeing any way, shape or form the Dolphins can win this game. Their offense, despite the more than 300 yards passing against Baltimore last week, doesn't have the weapons to score on New England and their defense is totally banged up, with Crowder out and Jason Taylor a question mark because of a foot problem. Put it this way, I'd be surprised if the game was close. Forget about the Dolphins winning. Not happening.

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