10 Quotes and a Cloud of Dust: Santa Edition

In this special Christmas edition of 10 Quotes and Cloud of Dust, the top 10 quotes of the week are translated into letters to Santa.

The Patriots won again, beating the Jets in the snow and rain last week, 20-10. Meanwhile, the Dolphins beat the Ravens in overtime for their first win of the season.

But that's not what's on everyone's minds, is it? Do you think Tom Brady's thinking about the Dolphins' blitzes? Is Bill Belichick wondering about how to keep his guys focused on one game at a time? And is Bill Parcells really thinking about taking over the Dolphins next year?

No, none of this is front center on anyone's mind. What everyone is thinking about is what they want from Santa for Christmas.

Here are the top 10 quotes of the week, translated into letters to Santa, heading into Week 16, Patriots-Dolphins:

10. "As long as that zero stays in that [loss] column, I'm cool with it. But, this being the second team to do this, do that, I think we have a goal set out, because now it's playoff time. It's getting close to the end of the regular season, [our goal is] to go on and play for the trophy. I don't really care what's going on during the regular season, as long as we have a chance to play for that trophy. I think a lot of guys feel that way. In the locker room, 14-0, second team to do it. Guys mention it, but what are you going to do?"
~ Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss, when asked how satisfying it is to be just the second team in NFL history to start a season 14-0

Dear Santa: "Winning is fun. The tin man got his heart and the lion got his courage. Santa, I need you to bring me some humility. Make sure I don't ever leave here. I'd take millions less to keep playing with Tommy and the guys. I need you to make sure I remember that, Santa."

9. "I'll have to look at everything and evaluate it. We don't really have as much information now as we will later on and I'll look at all of that stuff."
~ Jets head coach Eric Mangini, when asked who his starting quarterback would be next week

Dear Santa: "Could you put Tom Brady under my tree? Or Peyton Manning? Please? I mean my quarterback choices are Pennington and Clemens. I mean, come on! That's not fair. I don't have any of the good toys!"

8. "Oh man, it would mean so much to everybody in South Florida. Not only this team, but just everyone in South Florida, because there's a lot of diehard fans here. They love the Dolphins. There's a lot of history here and we know we're a part of that history. We want to uphold that history. If we can go out and get a win for the '72 team, that would be great."
~ Dolphins quarterback Cleo Lemon

Dear Santa: "I'd like Mercury Morris and the rest of the '72 Dolphins to stop talking and leave us alone. We're going to try our hardest to win this one for them, but hey, we're 1-13 you know."

7. "For us to say that it's just another NFL game, I think, would be naïve on our part. However, it's a division game. It's a game against a very good football team. It's a game against a team that we didn't play very well against before but our approach isn't going to change. Our preparation has been ongoing and I don't know how to approach it any other way. When the game comes around you go play and that's what we'll do."
~ Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron

Dear Santa: "This one's big, Santa! I want to win this one so bad. I mean I was pretty darn excited last week after winning just one game. But this one's bigger than one game. It's almost like two games! Bring me the game plan to beat the Pats!"

6. "I think a lot of guys are deserving, especially at my position. It's one of those deals that doesn't mean that much. It would be nice, but we have bigger goals to tackle."
~ Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker

Dear Santa: "Can you convince one of the other wide receivers to skip the Pro Bowl? I'd really like to go to Hawaii after we win the Super Bowl."

5. "I'm honored to join such an illustrious franchise as the Miami Dolphins and to work for one of the best owners in the league in Wayne Huizenga. He shares my same commitment to winning, and I told him I would do everything I can to help turn around the team's fortunes."
~ New Dolphins executive vice president of football operations Bill Parcells

Dear Santa: "Thanks for the new toy, Santa. A quarterback in the draft would be nice. And something to keep my ego in check as I turn around another franchise."

4. "When I got the information, Bill [Belichick] called and said, 'I want to be the first one to congratulate you. You've been selected as a starter for the Pro Bowl.' And I was out Christmas shopping. Me and my wife and my little daughter. We were out Christmas shopping and stuff. It really didn't sink in right then and there until 4:00 when it actually hit and we saw it on TV and everything. We're very excited…Our games are always on TV and it's been because of our success that people have gotten to see us play. Everybody deserves credit: the fans, the media, all you guys."
~ Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork

Dear Santa: "Please keep Coach Belichick on our sideline for as long as I play. And make sure you give the media types something good this year, too, OK?"

3. "Our goal wasn't to be, 'Let's be 14-0 this year.' So I don't think you accomplish much. I don't think you play this game to be 14-0. You really don't. Hopefully, you play to every time you take the field you win, but it doesn't always happen that way. This year's been a special year in that we are undefeated to this point. Believe me, if we go 16-1 this year, no one's going to be happy about that. I think you set your goals up because we've established that level of championship play here."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Dear Santa: "I want to win every game I ever play. I want to win like 200 in a row and pick up 10 or 11 more Super Bowl rings. Oh, and I want to keep dating supermodels. Thanks, Santa!"

2. "You know how it is. Friends, family, media, everybody. 'You guys are great. You guys are going all the way.' Then we come back in here [and] we're not doing anything right. Can't stop the run, can't stop the pass. So that's the way it is. We know that's how it is and we know we have to get better in certain situations."
~ Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel

Dear Santa: "Can you send some other kind of pie to Coach Belichick? Maybe some apple or blueberry or something? I'm getting a little sick of the humble pie. I mean we're undefeated! We're pretty darn good, aren't we?"

1. "What do I want for Christmas? Just to enjoy it [and] spend time with my kids and family. Have a good day with them. That would be great."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, when asked what he wants for Christmas this year

Dear Santa: "19 wins this year, a seat right next to Vince Lombardi at the Greatest Coaches of All Time Table, a healthy Tom Brady for as long as I live, and a great draft next year. That's what I want. Oh, and some more humble pie."

Another rainy afternoon in Foxborough is on tap. Pats-Dolphins on Sunday. We'll see what Santa brings everyone this year.

Darren is a regular contributor to Patriots Insider. You can find him in the forums under the name: DestinationSuperBowl. You can also find archives of his columns on the Insiders by searching for "Darren Kelly"

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