Patriots - Giants: Game Balls and Goats

Game Balls and Goats for Saturday Night's game. The Patriots beat the New York Giants 38-35 to remain undefeated for the regular season.

If you know the drill, then just hit reply and send yours in. If you don't then here's the deal. Send us your top three game balls (good things) and Goats (bad things) for players, fans, refs, anything you want relating to the game tonight.

We award Game Balls to players we believe deserve credit for their performance on the night. If you think someone other than a player deserves credit, then feel free to award it to that person or entity.

On the flip side, if you thought someone stunk up the joint, then you should award them a Goat.

Honorable mentions also allowed.

Here are ours:


1) Tom Brady -- Mr Clutch. Even when things go wrong (receivers drop a ball, the blocking breaks down...), Brady just stands in there, bucks up, and heaves a bomb to change the momentum of the game. 50 Touchdowns! New NFL leader. Brady is the man.

2) Randy Moss -- When Moss dropped the first long pass from Brady, you had the feeling he might get another chance, but little did you think it was going to be on the very next play. With him in the lineup, Moss forced the New York defense to adjust. Maroney's walk in TD was courtesy double coverage on Moss. Moss caught 6 passes for 100 yards and 2 TDs. With 23 touchdowns ont eh season, MOss stands alone as the the NFL record hlder for most TD catches in a season.

3) Coaching -- The Patriots were able to make the adjustments necessary to get the team back on track from being down by 12 points late in the game, and that's something few other clubs have the ability to do -- especially against a team as good as the Giants. The short plays to Kevin Faulk were enough to keep the chains moving, and though it's probable they were just checkdowns or safe plays, mixing Faulk in kept the Giants off balance.

Honorable Mentions:

Laurence Maroney -- Solid game by Maroney who struggled early. He finished the day with 19 carries for 46 yards and 2 TDs

Giants Fans -- Despite all of the attention given to the scalpers, the crowd was into the game.

Ryan O'Callaghan -- The young tackle fared fairly well for having Michael Strahan one-on-one at times.
Commissioner Goodell -- Fans around the country thank you for taking the right step to open up the broadcast to more networks, even if you were pressured into the decision



1) Tom Coughlin -- Sorry Tom, some say you had to do it (play the starters the whole game) but next week will be the real test. If the Giants get bounced next week then Coughlin needs to look himself in the mirror and ask himself -- did we need to play the starters the whole game?

2) Vince Wilfork -- the poke in the eye of Jacobs, though hard to tell if it was intentionally done to hurt Jacobs, was bush league. Ruined an otherwise solid game up front for the big guy.

3 Antonio Pierce -- Became invisible after talking a big game early on. Even the replacement for Kawika Mitchell had more tackles than Pierce.

Honorable Mentions:

Broadcast Crew -- The crew missed a number of opportunities to update the fans on injuries, players who went out and how their replacement fared.
Cable Dispute -- Enough already, get this resolved so fans can get the games they want, when they want.


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