Inside The Locker Room: Giants

What some of the New York Giants players had to say after a tough 38-35 loss to the New England Patriots last Saturday.

WR/KR DOMENIK HIXON on kickoff return:

We had our call and we went out on the field and the wedge did a heck of a job along with the front line. They opened up a pretty good hole for me to run through. It was a heck of a statement at that point in the game. Once they found out I was returning, they told me, “Just follow us, go ahead, we will make it happen.” We all played as one on the kickoff return. It is tough to lose a close one. They are a great team. We had an opportunity to win the game; they just pulled it out at the end.

TE KEVIN BOSS on touchdown reception:

I could see that Eli was in trouble trying to find someone. I just kept moving to find an opening and a hole in the defense. Eli threw me a nice ball. It is a tough loss; it is hard to swallow when you get that close against a team of that caliber. A game like this gives us confidence going into the playoffs. It would have been nice to finish it off, but we just came up a little short. And we look forward to the playoffs and looking at Tampa Bay.

DE JUSTIN TUCK on tonight’s game:

This is a pretty good momentum builder coming out of a game like this. We are still disappointed because you don’t want to lose. But I think it gives us the gauge that we wanted. We definitely wanted to win it, but they are 16-0 for a reason.

DE MICHAEL STRAHAN on tonight’s game:

Well, we played; we lost, but we are going to the playoffs and that is all that matters. Tonight is over with and we are moving on.

LB ANTONIO PIERCE on tonight’s game:

It is a confidence builder. That is the best team in the league, probably hands down in the regular season. I thought we played toe-to-toe with those guys. But you have to play four quarters. But they are a good team and they have a great quarterback. I think we have to look at all of the positives and fix the negatives. I think we played exceptional all across the board. We only turned the ball over once and gave up one big play on defense. Special teams played solid. That is a good team. You have to play damn near perfect against them ---- you have to play perfect.

G GREY RUEGAMER on tonight’s game:

It is a great momentum builder but we still lost. So I’m pretty ticked off about that. When you play a team like that, you want to gauge yourself and you want to win. We played to win and we just came up a little short at the end. It is a little frustrating, but we are in the playoffs. Our goal in the beginning of the season was to get in. Now it is a one-game schedule from here on out. This game is past us. The Patriots are obviously a good team. Good luck to them, but we are looking forward to Tampa. Special teams played good. Defense played well. Offensively we still left some plays on the field. Like I said, the gauge was to play against the best team in the league and we did. Obviously we needed to make more plays. We need to make some corrections. We lost but we are in the playoffs.

S JAMES BUTLER on tonight’s game:

The way we played tonight is definitely a momentum builder going into the playoffs. But you still want to win this game. They are very good team. Any team that goes 16-0, you have to give them a lot of credit. Their quarterback is excellent; he does a great job running the show. There are a lot of positives that we can take out of tonight’s game. There are a lot of lessons learned from tonight’s game. I thought we played pretty good. We were hustling, we were aggressive, and we were playing hard-nosed football tonight. And that is the same kind of attitude and intensity that we have to bring into next week’s game.

RB REUBEN DROUGHNS – thoughts about the Patriots:

They are a really good team; they are a really challenging team. They let us know where we need to be and where we are right now. As far as the best, I have been around some good teams and they are definitely up there in the top five. There are a lot of positives that we can take out of tonight’s game. We hung in there with a team that is 16-0 and that created history tonight. You can say a lot of things about that tonight. Our guys played hard and fought to the very end.

S GIBRIL WILSON on tonight’s game:

It is definitely a good momentum builder going into the playoffs. We are coming out with positive attitudes with this game. If we play the way we did tonight, I think it can carry us a long way. We have to bring the same intensity that we brought in tonight. They are one of the best teams that I have ever faced. They deserve it because they played hard. They did the things at the end that they had to do to win the game.

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