Inside The Locker Room: Patriots

What the New England Patriots players had to say after the game against the New York Giants last Saturday night. New England won 38-35 to go 16-0 on the season.

TE Benjamin Watson

We always believe that we have a chance. We always believe that we are in the game. We always believe that we are going to win. Until we prove otherwise, this is how we think. It starts in practice. In practice we are competitive and the coaches make sure we always compete and it carries over into the game.

(On the perfect season)
I never thought about it happening. It’s only been the last month that we have been thinking about it and it started to weigh a little more heavily on us. It’s something that was far off in the future and nobody really thought about it.

WR Wes Welker

(On the season)
It’s been a special year. We have had some good games and have been able to fight back and win some. It means a great deal. It’s been a long, hard season and you want to high five all your buddies and then get ready for the next week.

(On the win)
We were excited. We felt this way after a few games. There were some close games like this and you are able to come back and win the game is pretty gratifying.

We talked about playing winning football one game at a time and that is what we’ve done so far and that is what we need to continue to do. There is still a lot of work left to be done and we need to be sure that we are focused on that.

DE Richard Seymour

(On the season)
We always got everyone’s best shot. I think that is what makes it so special.

I think it will be a disappointment if we don’t finish the way that we want to.

I think we had some other tough games. You can look back and point at, the Dallas game was a tough game and playing in Indianapolis. There were a lot of games along the way that gave us problems and we had to fight through. I was proud of the way that we continued to fight all season long.

(On being undefeated)
We never really looked at it, like hey lets just try to go 16-0. It wasn’t something that we talked about a whole lot. It was great to do it. I don’t know how to put it in perspective at this point right now. It’s something that when you walk away from the game one day you will be able to look back upon and say that is a special team. Right now I really don’t know how to look at it. But it’s great to be among the elite.

LB Tedy Bruschi

(On the undefeated season)
Now the regular season is over. I’m going to enjoy it for maybe two days instead of one or so. We realize that we have bigger goals to accomplish. The tournament is starting now and there are a lot of teams in it that feel like they have a chance. They should feel that way because every team that has made the playoffs has a legitimate chance to be a world champion. So we have to forget about this and move on to who is next.

(On what you were thinking after the record breaking touchdown)
What is the score? What does it do for us? Does it put us in the lead? Are we behind after the score? What do I have to do as a defensive player once they kick off the ball and get the return. That is how focused we are. I think I realized what had just happened when Randy threw the ball back to the sideline. I was like there is the ball. The ball that set those records and then you shake it off and realize here comes the kickoff and what do we have to do.

(On Randy Moss)
He scored a lot of points for us. I think he’s a guy that with him playing as well as he has, it’s made things a lot easier for a lot of the other players such as Wes Welker, Laurence Maroney, Stallworth and Gaffney. He opens things up for us. It’s great that he’s played well this year but all of those guys have. It’s a great group.

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