2007 Awards: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

Now that 16-0 is a reality and the regular season is over, we're taking the pulse of Patriot Nation. Players, coaches and teams have had their ups and downs in 2007. Patriots Insider Jon Scott takes a look back at 2007 to share his awards for the good, the bad and the ugly.

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NOTE: Awards are for all teams not just the Patriots


MVP: Tom Brady (Patriots) - Is there another? He breaks records and leads fourth quarter comebacks against staggering odds.

MVP Runner Up: Randy Moss (Patriots) - without Moss, Brady and Welker would be good, but not great. Brett Favre our other runner up. Worth considering: Randy Moss, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo

Most Improved (Player): QB Derek Anderson (Browns) - Who would have thought the guy who lost the QB competition in camp would end up nearly bringing Cleveland back from the basement to the playoffs

Defensive Player of the Year: LB Patrick Willis (49ers)-- There's no doubt San Francisco got the steal of the Draft. There's also no doubt why other teams wanted him so badly.

Offensive Player of the Year: Randy Moss -- MVP is Brady, but Moss makes it all work

Rookie of the Year: Patrick Willis (49ers) -- Without him, San Francisco might have been in Miami's position.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - in just 13 games Peterson gained 1,305 yards in 227 carries (5.7 avg) with 12 TDs.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Patrick Willis (49ers) - see above

Comeback Player of the Year: Brett Favre (Packers) -- The ageless wonder who almost had his goodbye tour highlight last season when he became emotional in a post game interview. When he's having fun, it usually means trouble for opponents.

Biggest rise (team)- Cleveland Browns- One of the best feel good stories of the year. People wrote them off early or predicted them to finish last. They tied the Steelers and could easily have won the division without a couple of hiccups.

Biggest drop (team): Baltimore Ravens -- Why did people predict them to win the AFC North? Horrible offense, aging defense. Their best days are behind them.

Best soon to be FA: Randy Moss -- Still a FA and he lead the NFL in yards until Reggie Wayne turned in a solid first half against the Titans.

Best FA pickup (any team): Patrick Kerney (Seahawks) -- 14.5 sacks? Kearney turned in one of the best performances of a player after they've left Atlanta. Runner up Eric Steinbach (Browns). Paving the way for the Browns ground game.

Best trade acquisition (any team): Randy Moss - Probably the best trade in NFL history. The Patriots picked up Moss for a 4th round pick (110th overall), from a nearly free draft pick the Patriots got from the 49ers.

Best Draft (so far): Cleveland Browns -- Aside from overpaying for Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas (3rd overall) and Eric Wright (second round) became instant starters.

honorable mention Buffalo Bills - starting QB of the future, starting RB and good backup RB and LB Paul Posluszny for the future. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson, Marcus McCauley, Aundrae Allison, Sidney Rice.

Worst Draft (so far): Patriots -- Brandon Meriweather only a part time player, every one else is on IR or off the team.1 possible hit with 10 picks. Is Pioli losing his touch?

Biggest disappointment of the season (player): Michael Vick -- Dog fighting scandal came out of nowhere, having a huge impact on the team.

Biggest upset of the season (game)- Dec 23 Bengals over Browns - Derek Anderson imploded and still almost tied the game
Runner up: Nov 18 Jets over Steelers -- major let down by Pittsburgh, kept Cleveland in the division hunt

Biggest disappointment of the season (team): Miami Dolphins - Horrible season. Injuries floored the team, but even some of the coaching decisions left you scratching your head.
Runner up: St. Louis Rams

Biggest surprise of the season: Cleveland Browns - Their let down in week 16 ruined a magical season.

Coach of the Year: Bill Belchick (Patriots) -- he kept the team focused through the trials of an undefeated season, despite all of the fallout he took personally and rofessionally due to camera-gate.

Runner up: Romeo Crennel (Browns)-- How many times do you see a coach take a downtrodden team from the basement to the (near) playoffs, after shipping his starting quarterback off in week 2? Almost never. Had Indianapolis not tanked their week 17 game against the TItans, Cleveland would be playof bound and Crennel would earn the real Coach of the Year award.

Worst Coach of the year: Cam Cameron (Dolphins)-- What was Cameron doing? That's what Bill Parcells thought when he decided it was time to go in another direction."Fail fast forward" is not the mindset you want players to echo.


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