What QBs Do During The Bye Week

We've been posting some of the more interesting snippets that come across the newswire each day In the Insider's Lounge. The latest was a Gisele sighting. Here's a brief recap what each Bye week quarterback was up to and our thoughts on their... activities.

Bye week activities for each QB who had extra time on his hands.

Tony Romo went for a little jaunt with Jessica Simpson to Mexico, presumably to get away from the bad mojo in Texas Stadium.  Only problem is he took Jason Witten with him.  Maybe that wasn't a problem unless you consider the possible consequences.  Wade Phillips should hope that they didn't drink the water, or his offense is toast.

Check out the gang (Gossip Girls link)

Is it me, or does it seem Tony is a bit too distracted by members of the opposite persuasion to concentrate on the task at hand.  Parcells did give Tony a list... Too bad Tony thought it was a top 10 list.  Tony, go get the list again, and look at #11

It also looks like Tony didn't bother to take Tom Brady's advice about not bringing his girl to the game. or at least being discreet about it.

Tom Brady
  spent some time trying to take in the New York night life with Gisele. Before they head out, he gets to carry the dog.  Geez, Tom at least make her get a real dog.  Your son is gonna knock that thing silly. ( video link TMZ ).

More pics of the happy couple.

And more on the rumor of Tom getting married if he wins the Super Bowl...

(and you wonder why we don't do gossip columns.)

I have no idea what Peyton Manning was doing, but assuredly it was something at home with the Mrs.  Maybe she'll help him spread some of that southern charm she's become famous for.

Did Romo get the Mexico idea from Peyton?

Brett Favre:
Was probably emulating some of Peyton's routine -- staying at home to get to work early on Monday (that is if the tapes actually show up ).  Or he could be contemplating the six degrees of separation between himself and his Seahawks counterpart.

Then again, Matt Hasselbeck probably has a bit more on his plate with that wife of his draggin their youngster all over the place.


Inspiration for this column came from a friend who knows our passion for following beautiful women and the Patriots and asked about Brady's girlfriend. We'll publish more of these on the main site in the future. In the interim, you can check out our ramblings and random thoughts in the Insiders Lounge and/or on our MySpace Blog.

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