Insider Q & A: Patriots Hot Topics

NFL insider Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio, and responded to fans questions this week. A few of the topics were: Rosevelt Colvin's future; Chad Jackson's status and what the Patriots will do to replace Junior Seau when he eventually retires.

Five Burning Questions With Adam Caplan

1) Do you know what Rosevelt Colvin's cap number is next year and if it's really a factor in the team's desire to bring him back. I'm hearing rumors that he'll be allowed to leave if he doesn't restructure next season. That didn't make any sense to me as he's signed through , but I do know he has a relatively high cap number.

Adam Caplan: I don't know what his cap number is but he has a base salary of $5.5 million for next season so they'll likely look to cut that way down. They would like to bring him back and they really don't have anyone to replace him. He's signed through 2008.

2) What are the chances that Donte Stallworth returns? Isn't he due a big bonus next season? Will the Patriots restructure his deal or will they find someone else?

Adam Caplan: He has a high cap figure for next season which is tied to a roster bonus. Because he wasn't much of a factor this season it wouldn't be a surprise if they didn't bring him back.

3) Is Chad Jackson still hurt? He hasn't played much all year.

Adam Caplan: They didn't have any room for him, he's ok physically. Kelley Washington is a better special teams player so he dresses instead of Jackson on game days.

4) If Junior Seau retires this year, who will the Patriots try to replace him with? Will they draft a linebacker in the first round?

Adam Caplan: They don't believe it spending high round picks on LBs (Katzenmoyer was drafted by previous regime). The feeling is they could look toward signing a younger veteran free agent. We'll get a better idea closer to free agency.

5) Are the Patriots going to re-sign some of the free agents they have now, or will they wait until after the season is over? (Question was about Randy Moss)

Adam Caplan: Some time in February I would expect them to try to get a new deal done with Moss. We'll take a larger look at free agency next month.

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