Jaguars Defenders Not Worried Passing Game

What are the Jaguars thinking? They're thinking that they can stop the Patriots passing attack. One look at them, and it may not be as far-fetched as you think. Here's what they said this week.

CB Brian Williams

(on stopping the Patriots passing game)
"It's going to take all 11 of us. It's going to take the defensive line getting pressure on the quarterback. It's going to take linebackers getting in their drops, us (cornerbacks) getting jams on them. It's going to take everybody. I think we are going to be ready for the challenge."

(on the team being loose throughout the week)
"Why get tight? We haven't been tight. That is just our personality. We know what we bring to the table. We know what they bring. We will see about it on Saturday."

(on the team being focused this week)
"We're definitely buckling down. It's all perception. They think we're loose. I think Jack (Del Rio) and the other coaches do a good job of preparing us and holding us down."

S Reggie Nelson

(on the challenge of going against the NFL's top passing team)
"It's a big challenge. All we have been hearing about is the New England Patriots. They have great receivers in Randy Moss and Jabar Gaffney, from Florida. They are all great players. We are just going to have to execute our defense and not try to do too much."

(on a key to facing Tom Brady) "What we have to do as defensive backs is just communicate. We have been doing a great job of that (this season) and I don't see that changing."

(on improved play) "I think I'm playing pretty good. I think I have picked up things well and I am progressing pretty good. I have to pick things up a lot faster in the playoffs and it's going to get faster. I just have to come out and do my job playing football and that's what I am doing."

CB Rashaen Mathis

(on the challenge of going against the NFL's top passing team)
"That's what every corner plays this game for. I have said it a million times that if you are a cornerback and you don't like teams to throw the ball then you are in the wrong position. It's a huge challenge and we are up for the challenge."

(talk about Randy Moss)
"He can do it all and he has a very good quarterback as well that can deliver the ball, so when you have a very good quarterback and a very good receiver, it makes a very good combination. They have made a very good combination together."

(will you stay on him?)
"We don't know, we are still game planning and are still putting the game plan in. You never know in the course of the game what will happen or what we will go in with."

(on defending a guy like Wes Welker with his quick game)
"We have a short quick nickel backs in Terry Cousin and Scott Starks and are used to playing guys like that. We have a guy on our team named Chad Owens that can display that type of ability in practice as well. We are going to get a very good look in practice at what Welker does in the form of Chad Owens."

(on the 16-0 factor)
"They are a very good ball team. They are proven to be the best football team during the regular season with their undefeated record. Anytime you are going against a very good team it's going to be a challenge and we look forward to that challenge. We respect them a lot but you give nobody too much respect, because if you give anybody that much respect then you are laying down to them and we are laying down to no one."

(is there a blue print to beating the Patriots?)
"There is not a blue print to beating anybody. It's just how your guys match up against their guys. We feel like we can match up against anybody and we can be physical or whatever type of game that you have on the offensive or defensive side of the ball."

(on the secondary)
"This is the game that will prove how good we are and how well we play in the secondary."

(is there a fine line between on how much to pressure versus how much to cover?)
"It's not a fine line. Like you said, it depends on your defensive scheme and the amount of success you are having on that particular day. Sometimes the pass rush is better than others and some days the coverage is better than others."

(if you drop into coverage, they will run the ball. Is that a win for you?)
"That doesn't dictate that. Just because we drop into coverage doesn't mean they won't throw the ball. We have seen a lot of teams drop into coverage and they have still thrown the ball because they believe in their quarterback and they believe in their offensive line and definitely believe in their receivers. Regardless of what coverage we are in we have to expect anything to happen."

CB Terry Cousin

(on taking on the Patriots offense)
"I think the execution and the attention to detail and the trust in which we have been doing all year. They have to trust me to do my job and just my job. I don't have to do anything extra or be anything different than I have been doing. I think that is how we have succeeded this year. Guys have understood what we have needed to do. Go in with a game plan and trust what the guys are going to do. When we bring that intensity and energy to the game for 60 minutes, I like what we are going to do."

(on people saying you have to play a perfect game. What is the perfect game?)
"There is no perfect game. Somebody is going to miss a tackle, somebody's going to miss a block, somebody's going to miss a sack and that's on both sides of the ball. There is not going to be a perfect game. I think we have to play where we can take advantage of our opportunities."


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