10 Things You Didn't Know: Championship

There are some key facts about the New England Patriots that might just be relevant to the game on Sunday. PI dug up 10 things you probably didn't know about the Patriots. What are they? Get inside to find out.

10 things you didn't know about the Patriots

1) The Patriots (47) have more sacks than the Chargers (42). New England's defense was the second best in the league.

2) New England's offense scores 94.4% of the time when inside the red zone. Opponents inside the red zone manage to score just 73.2% of the time.

3) The Patriots get better in cold weather.
- The Patriots are 15-1 when it's 30 degrees or less (since 1993). Tom Brady is 25-2 as a starter

4) Win one win the Patriots (12) will tie the Pittsburgh Steelers (13) for the most playoff victories in a six-year span. Pittsburgh accomplished the feat from 1974-79 winning 4 Super Bowls, while the Patriots have won just 3.

5) The Patriots scored 48 or more points four times in 2007, recording four of the top 10 single-game point totals in franchise history. New England's three-game total of 149 points from Oct. 14-28 was the highest three-game sum in the NFL since 1950.

6) The longest run from scrimmage by the Patriots was a 59 yard run for a TD by Laurence Maroney against the Miami Dolphins Dec. 23, 2007. The longest against the Patriots was 49 by New York Jets running back Leon Washington Dec. 16, 2007.

7) Stephen Gostkowski (245) is just 7 points shy of passing Irving Fryar (10th) and Larry Garron (11th ) for most points scored in franchise history. Gostkowski has score 245 points, while Fryar and Garron have scored 252 points. Adam Vinatieri is the leading scorer with 1,158 points.

8) The Patriots are 68 and 39 since 1994 when they lose the opening coin toss.

9) New England has outscored it's opponents 256 - 137 in the second half of games during the regular season.

10) Tom Brady has 28 career fourth-quarter game-winning performances. 22 times in the regular season and 6 times in the playoffs. Brady manged it four times in 2007.

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