Brady Has Mild Leg Injury

Patriots' fans can climb down off the ledge now. Tom Brady will not miss the Super Bowl and should be in good shape to start against the New York Giants in two weeks. Brady should be fully recovered by game time, at least according to a source close to the situation.

According to a league source the signal caller for the New England Patriots has a high ankle sprain. Reports confirming Brady's condition were posted on Boston papers websites Tuesday evening.

Concern over Brady's injury arose Monday when the quarterback talked about having some minor bumps and bruises on WEEI during his weekly radio appearance. Brady was then spotted n the streets of New York sporting a walking boot later that evening.

As pictures of the walking boot spread across the Internet, panic spread among Patriot Nation as fans worried that the team's MVP might not be able to perform in the biggest game of the season. That panic subsided slightly when pictures of Brady walking without the boot, were published on the same site.

On Tuesday, Brady's father was on 1050 ESPN Radio to discuss his son's injury. He claimed that the injury was minor and not serious to worry about or he would have discussed with Tom by now. According to the senior Brady, his son would have to be seriously hurt, and at least using crutches to have any chance not to play in the Super Bowl. (Listen to audio)

ESPN TV reported Tuesday evening that a teammate of Brady's described the injury to be little more than a mild sprain. Confirmed by the Boston Herald, Brady's injury appears to be little more than a mild condition, which will be dealt with through regular treatment and therapy.

While it is not known when exactly Brady suffered the injury in the San Diego game. ESPN's NFL analyst Ron Jaworski thinks it happened early in Sunday's win over the Chargers. Jaworski believed that Brady injured his ankle on a play where he threw an errant pass well over the head of Randy Moss with over 2 minutes to go in first quarter. Jaworski offered video clips on the NFL Live show Tuesday night showing Brady tentatively putting pressure on his right leg after the aforementioned play.

Jaworski and the ESPN crew discussed how the injury was the probable cause for Brady's substandard performance against the Chargers. But even Jaworski's breakdown wasn't enough to deter some New York media outlets.

Speculation that Brady's boot may be a new way to throw off the competition ran rampant in articles published on New York media websites. Some labeled Brady as a "cocky" leader of a team of cheaters.

Another video of Brady walking through the streets of New York showed Brady sans boot was published Tuesday evening. In the video, Brady appeared be walking without a limp, just a day after first being spotted with it. (TMZ video).

While speculation about Brady's condition took a firm grip on the media in both New York and Boston, players from the Giants weren't buying the serious injury story.

"It doesn't matter. He's got two weeks [to heal]," Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told the New York Post. "The guy's gonna play."

Jacobs' comments became a general consensus as his teammates echoed similar sentiments towards's the probability of Brady playing. For the sanity of Patriots fans everywhere, let's hope they're right.

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