Quick Hits: Brady Talks About Leg Injury

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- Tom Brady finally talked about his leg injury after setting down in Arizona today. At his first press conference for Super Bowl week, Brady described the leg as "feeling good." in addition to the Brady news, Beill Belichick comments on his relationship with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, and former Patriots coach Mike Holovak passed away.

Brady Talks About Injury

QB Tom Brady didn't practice during the Patriots' bye week prior to the Super Bowl, reportedly due to a mild high ankle sprain. Brady arrived in Arizona to a crush of media ravenous for an update on the status of his ankle injury. The Patriots signal caller confirmed the injury and claimed he'd be ready to play on Sunday.

"It is feeling good," said Brady on his ankle. "I will be ready to go."

Brady confirmed the injury happened during the Chargers game, but contrary to one ESPN report, it wasn't in the first quarter. Brady said the injury happened from a sack in the third quarter.

Video of Brady walking yesterday appeared to show New England's leader favoring his right ankle. The injury should be healed enough to play on Sunday, but what of practice?

"We need to have a great week of practice because this teem [the Giants] really challenges you, Brady admitted. "I think we need three great days of practice, which I hope to be participating in."

In Brady's place Matt Cassel and Matt Gutierrez ran the Patriots' offense last week during practice.

The Patriots play the New York Giants Sunday in Super Bowl XLII.

Former Patriots coach Mike Holovak Passes Away

Former Patriots head coach Mike Holovak passed away yesterday at the age of 88. Holovak was the head coach for the Boston Patriots from 1961-1968. The team released a statement from owner Robert Kraft:

"Mike Holovak was a great coach and a wonderful person. I remember watching Mike's Boston College teams in the 1950s and his Patriots teams in the 1960s. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time with him on several occasions. Our team has lost one of its founding fathers and the entire Patriots family is saddened by Mike's passing."

Holovak was head coach at Boston College for nine years before joining the Patriots franchise in 1960. Holovak coached the offensive backfield coach and became the director of player personnel.

Holovak's 53 wins is second only to Bill Belichick's (105) record as the franchise's head coach.

Belichick Comments On Coughlin

Bill Belichick's connection to the New York Giants franchise, and its head coach Tom Coughlin are well known. So is Belichick's admiration for Big Blue's head coach and the organization. The Patriots head coach showered the Giants in compliments to begin his press conference Sunday.

"We certainly have a lot of respect for the Giants,' said Belichck. "It's an organization that I have quite a bit of history with and have a lot of respect for those people - John Mara, Jerry (Reese), Tom (Coughlin), the job they have done and the football team they have."

Belichick's admiration for Coughlin was evident when asked to comment on it.

"Tom and I go back to our days with the Giants," said Belichick. "I think we had a real good off the field relationship talking about different techniques, strategies, coverages, routes and so forth. Tom went to Boston College and off to Jacksonville and we maintained a good relationship through those times as well, talking about different things that came up that did not conflict one way or the other, even with the Giants.

Belichick went on to describe Coughlin as a worthy opponent, but not one he'd want to lose to.

"I have a lot of respect for Tom. He is a hard working guy. He's smart and he's tough. He's loyal and demands a lot out of his players and I respect the way he coaches his team and certainly the success they've had this year. I think he does a tremendous job. I'm happy for his success - not this week, but in all the other games."

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