Brady Running At Practice Monday

Pool Reporter Dan Pompei is assigned to cover practice for the AFC representative for the Super Bowl this week. Pompei shared these observations from the Patirots practice on Monday.

Tom Brady's injured right ankle did not prevent him from practicing at Sun Devil Stadium Monday afternoon.

Brady had his ankle taped but he participated in all phases of practice, including jogging the length of the field twice at the end of drills. Brady appeared to have a slight limp.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick did not want to talk about Brady, other than to say, "Everybody practiced. The injury report will be out Wednesday."

The Patriots had ideal conditions to work in—bright sunshine and a pleasant breeze. The footing on the stadium's grass was firm despite recent rain. "Practice was fine," Belichick said of the session, which lasted an hour and 40 minutes. "There are always things to work on and clean up."

After having the Patriots practice in full pads last week, Belichick called for shorts and shells Monday. "We just wanted to get a good crisp practice and work on our timing," he said. "We had a lot of contact last week."

With his right ankle taped to just under his calf New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) runs a drill at the start of football practice at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz., Monday, Jan. 28, 2008. The Patriots will play the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII on Feb. 3. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)


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