10 Quotes and a Cloud of Dust: SUPER BOWL

There's one more stop on the road to perfection: The Super Bowl. Wondering what everyone was talking about this week? Take a look at the top 10 quotes of the week. What they said and what they really meant.

18 games. 18 wins. Next stop: Super Bowl XLII.

The Patriots did what they needed to do against the Chargers in the AFC Championship Game and capped the win off with a 15-play, nine minute drive to run out the clock.

Now they take on the Giants in a rematch of the final game of the season. There was a lot of talking this week, but we've narrowed down all of the chatter and present the top 10 quotes of the week, heading into Super Bowl XLII, Patriots-Giants:

10. "My ankle feels good. My ankle feels great. I practiced a full day yesterday. I think we had one incompletion in practice. It feels great."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "The ankle's fine, everyone. You can call off the paparazzi. We had one incompletion in practice. That's my goal for the Super Bowl. One incompletion."

9. "Probable: quarterback Tom Brady (right shoulder)"
~ New England Patriots injury report

Translation: "Ankle injury? What ankle injury? Tom Brady does not have an injured ankle. His shoulder is bothering him for the 120th straight week, though. Wink, wink. (Bill told you he couldn't wait to get that injury report to you. He has such a sense of humor.)"

8. "You can't change who you are or what you believe in. But it was important to explain why I did things, not just say what we were doing."
~ Giants head coach Tom Coughlin

Translation: "I'm 61 years old. My time for changing was a long time ago. I'm not doing anything different this year. These guys are just winning now."

7. "Joe Namath was a great, confident man. That was then, this is now. I am not going to guarantee anything."
~Quarterback Eli Manning, when asked about Joe Namath's famous guarantee prior to Super Bowl III

Translation: "I might sound dumb sometimes, but I'm not dumb enough to make guarantees. And no one on my team is either."

New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce at Media day Jan, 29, 2008 (Getty images)

6. "We didn't come here to hand the Vince Lombardi Trophy to them. We're not Roger Goodell."
~ Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce

Translation: "We almost beat them last time. Sure, we gave up 38 points to them and needed a kickoff return for a touchdown and a late score to make it that close, but hey, we almost won. We're going to complete the deal this time."

5. "All this is entertainment. It's sports, and sports are entertainment. So 23-17 is the prediction I made, but the game still has to be played."
~ Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who told the media the Giants would win Super Bowl XLII on Tuesday and did not shy away from the prediction on Wednesday

Translation: "Hey, I'm not the Swami or Jim Poore or anything. But I'm not afraid to make a prediction."
[Editor's note: poor Jim, gets it from everyone, including fellow writers. We still luv you Jim ;) ]

4. "We're only going to score 17 points? Does Plaxico play defense? I wish he said 45-42, or something like that."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "Come on, Plax. 17 points? We haven't scored less than 20 points all season -- and that was in bad weather. Heck, we dropped 22 on you guys. In less than 15 minutes."

3. "It's a league matter. I don't know anything about it."
~ Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, when asked about the latest Spygate information

Translation: "Thanks, everyone. I needed a little added motivation for my undefeated team. Last time Spygate was brought up we destroyed the Chargers. This time we'll be shooting for an historic blowout in the Super Bowl."

2. "No, not in the Super Bowl. I think what we've done in the past week and a half to prepare, practice, weight training and eating right, things like that, I'm setting myself up to come out here and show the world what I've really got."
~ Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss, when asked if he'll be happy with just one catch in the Super Bowl (as he's had in each playoff game)

Translation: "Getcha popcorn ready."

1. "I think it's the biggest game in all of our lives. The entire team, and coaches, we're going to be remembering this game for as long as we live. We're either going to have great memories of this experience, or it's going to be a missed opportunity. There aren't too many teams in the history of the NFL -- none as a matter of fact -- that are 18-0 going into this game."
~ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Translation: "Tell Mercury Morris and the '72 Dolphins that we're moving into the neighborhood. We're buying that mansion on the corner that's a little bigger than theirs."

One more game. With a win, the Patriots take their place in history alongside the 1972 Dolphins as one of the greatest teams in NFL history. The time for talking is almost over. It's almost game time.

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