Rumor Mill: Colvin, Moss, Samuel

The Rumor Mill is chock full of news this week with free agency just a few days away. Randy Moss to Dallas, Asante Samuel to Philadelphia, Donte Stallworth to Cleveland and the latest; Rosevelt Colvin to be cut. Check the mill to see what we're hearing from NFL Insiders, league sources and some of our many contacts around the league. UPDATE 2/28

RUMOR: Donte Stallworth To Become a Free Agent


UPDATE: Drew Rosenhaus told us that Stallworth was expected to reach free agency once his optional bonus was not picked up. (Details in the lounge)


RUMOR: Zach Thomas to New England

STATUS: HOT - but false

UPDATE: Thomas signed with Dallas over the weekend. Check the Mill for what Rosenhaus told us, or click here


RUMOR: Asante Samuel to Philadelphia

STATUS: HOT - unknown

UPDATE: Samuel is going somewhere, and word is Philadelphia is hot on his trail. Samuel's agent said it would be a nice fit in Tampa Bay, and the Jets are considered another viable option. There's little chance Samuel will return to New England when he knows the market will pay him more handsomely elsewhere.


RUMOR: Randy Moss to Dallas

STATUS: Hot - but unlikely

UPDATE:'s John Czarnecki reported that Samuel to Dallas was a viable option and that Dallas could really threaten teams downfield. What we're hearing goes against that line of thinking. Whatever the Czar is thinking, he may be overlooking the major clash of personalities involved. It's more likely that Moss takes his time looking around. One of the angles we're hearing is that Moss will test the market and give New England a chance to match.


RUMOR: Rosevelt Colvin To Be Cut

Status: Hot - most likely

UPDATE: inside sources indicate the chances that the Patriots retain Colvin are not good. Multiple reports have confirmed that a league source has indicated Colvin could be cut as soon as today.

Many many more rumors in the Rumor Mill. Check them out.

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