The Complete Power Rankings Week 9

<p>A new number 1…again. But most of the top 12 are repeat attendees. Yes, it's getting to that time of the year where pretenders fall and some teams begin their runs. This week marks the midway point for most teams and the beginning of the end for the bottom feeders.&nbsp;</p> <p>

1. Denver -They have bye this week so the Brian Griese watch is on. 

2. Green Bay - Bye week brings them the top spot for NFC teams. 

3. Philadelphia - Did anyone think they'd lose to NY? Come on. 

4. San Diego - Once again. Bye Week. They don't move. 

5. Tampa Bay - They need a deep-threat receiver…badly. 

6. New Orleans - I don't like how this team continues to dig holes for itself. 

7. Pittsburgh - Highest ranking since Week 1. Still the worst division in football. 

8. San Francisco - Swatted away pesky Cardinals. Now can sit back and wait for playoffs. 

9. Miami - The Dolphins try to regroup in, of all places, Lambeau Field. 

10. Buffalo - The team keeps winning. That's bad news for the Patriots. 

11. Atlanta - The win puts them above .500 for the first time all year. 

12. Oakland - The Raiders are in danger of falling off the radar. 

13. Indianapolis - Peyton still can't beat the Florida Gator attack. 

14. Arizona - Nice try. But next time you may want to tackle Terrell Owens

15. Kansas City - Dick Vermeil imported the Chief defense of 1995. 

16. NY Giants - Still in the fight for a wildcard spot, even if they lose tonight. 

17. Baltimore - How much of a difference would Ray Lewis have made? 

18. Tennessee - Big match-up in Indy this week, but this rivalry will take some getting used to. 

19. Jacksonville - They beat the Eagles, but lost to the Texans. Umm….riiiiight. 

20. New England - They are flukes, just figured it out. 

21. Cleveland - Big showdown called "Last Chance at the Lake." 

22. Washington - Peyton finally got his revenge, Steve. 

23. Carolina - 5 losses and counting. I don't see this train stopping. 

24. St - They're 2 - 5. I can't show them that much respect. 

25. Seattle - Won in Irving, but really, who cared? 

26. Houston - A second win and this time off the foot of Kris Brown

27. Dallas - Now that Emmitt has the record, we can stop paying attention to the Cowboys. 

28. Minnesota - I'm not convinced in any way that they will win another game this year. 

29. Detroit - Every time they look to move forward, they keep falling back. 

30. Chicago - They were 13 - 3 last year? Even with the injuries, I don't know how. 

31. NY Jets - I hate to put them this low, but an 18-point lead. At home. To the Browns. 

32. Cincinnati - For a minute I thought dreams really could come true. 

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