Rumor Mill: Law, Bruschi, Moss...Updated

Ty Law to New England is just one of the many rumors we're tracking. We have a pair of exclusive reports on two players the Patriots are showing significant interest in. Last Updated today 1:33 am: Asante Samuel, Kelley Washington, Tedy Bruschi (again), Mike Wright, Ty Law, Chad Scott, Mel Mitchell, Randall Gay, Randy Moss and more

Patriots Insider is tracking the latest rumors hitting the wire. Unlike other outlets that track rumors, not only does Patriots Insider track them and give you our insider's take, but we check with players, agents and league sources to bring you the latest available updates.

As part of the network our group of insiders are working behind the scenes talking to dozens of sources, sharing inside information and publishing across the network.

We'll be updating the Rumor Mill constantly tonight and throughout the weekend. So be sure to check back regularly.

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Today's Updates: (so far)
Ty Law
Randall Gay
Randy Moss
Asante Samuel
Tedy Bruschi
Chad Scott
Mel Mitchell
Calvin Pace
Jared Allen


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