Rumor Mill: Stallworth To Cleveland?

The Patriots are working on things, but other teams are picking off their players.... Update 6:25pm: Goodbye Asante. Ty Law... Again? Four EFRA's tendered. Update on Randall Gay and Lonie Paxton. Donte Stallworth is headed out of town. Still, a top target of New England is about to land a deal, just not with the Pats. Things in a state of flux as we track the rumors

Additional. rumors continue to swirl on the first full day of Free Agency.

Being part of the greater FOX Sports world has never really had it's blessings until right now. We're hearing a couple of news pieces that are not good for the Patriots who hope to land a few key free agents this weekend.

We'll be updating the Rumor Mill constantly throughout the weekend. So be sure to check back regularly.

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Friday's Updates:
Randall Gay: Drawing more interest, visit set for tomorrow
Lonie Paxton: re-signed 12:25
Asante Samuel: Press conference in Philly (9:54am)
Donte Stallworth: Headed to Cleveland
Calvin Pace: About To Be Rich Man
Kelley Washington: Agreed to terms


Yesterday's Updates:
Mike Wright
Ty Law
Randall Gay
Randy Moss
Asante Samuel
Tedy Bruschi
Chad Scott
Mel Mitchell
Calvin Pace
Jared Allen


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