Randy Moss Not Signed Rumor Not Accurate

According to various Internet reports, Ron Jaworski (of ESPN Fame) went on air in Philadelphia to claim that Randy Moss to the Patriots is not a done deal. Jaws cited sources claiming that there was an issue with the money in the contract. Jaws further claimed there are rumblings coming out of New England that the whole Moss deal can fall apart. Update 3/07 7PM: Rumor confirmed to be untrue

[Editor UPDATE: PatriotsInsider.com has confirmed this claim, which did transpire on the airways Friday, was based upon inaccurate information. Although a retraction has yet to be aired by the station in question at this time, the information below has been refuted by Scout.com and other media outlets.]

Ron Jaworski went on sports radio talk 950 am to claim the Randy Moss deal with the New England Patriots could fall apart. The rumor was first reported on a number of Philadelphia Eagles message boards and eventually landed on the website Profootballtalk.com.

You can listen to Jaworski's comments on this fan website.

In the audio Jaworski clearly states that the Moss deal could fall apart.

"Throughout the day what I do is talk to people around the NFL and it is my understanding that deal is not done yet," Said Jaworski. "There are some rumblings coming out of New England that deal may fall apart and the Eagles may be back in the running for Randy Moss. The money that was promised is not coming to the forefront. Again, I can't give you exactly what is going on but usually where there is smoke there is fire."

If what Jaworski's claimed is accurate, Moss' deal not being finalized could have serious repercussions around the league. Teams once believed to be out of the running might be willing to step in to throw significantly more dollars at the talented wide receiver.

The rumors appear to be little more than speculation about something Jaws may have been told. Patriots Insider has confirmed that Moss' contract is listed on the NFLPA website and that his contract was reported and approved by the league.

A league source claims that nothing like what Jaws is claiming has ever happened before, so the possibility that what was said on air, is remote.

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