DRAFT: Patriots Could Use This Top LB

The Patriots desperately need to build depth in the defensive front seven, especially at the linebacker position. Scout.com takes a closer look at one top prospect from USC who could help a lot of teams looking for a top linebacker.

Name:  Keith Rivers      
College:  USC               Position:  LB
Height:  6'3                    Weight:  237

"Now, whenever I step on the field, I just want to gain the respect of the guy that I'm playing against. Every play, I want to gain their respect."

(4:10)      Player Profile


Rivers is considered one of the best linebackers available in the 2008 Draft class, quite a complement considering the other linebackers on his team are also considered to be among the top college talent in the nation. Unfortunately for New England, USC's other backers opted to return for one more season in Southern California.

Listen in on this pre-draft video of Rivers. He's projected to be a top 20 pick in this April's NFL Draft. The Patriots hold the seventh overall selection and could find themselves taking a much closer look at Rivers in the coming weeks.

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