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Long time NFL linebacker Junior Seau has been trying to relax after the end of a disappointing season. Hurting from a shoulder injury suffered during the year, Seau had surgery to repair the damage. He spoke with's Jaime Maggio at Seau's annual charity golf outing. The veteran backer spoke of the event, recovering from the injury and more.

Gripping and ripping with Seau
Gripping and ripping with Seau

Junior Seau has had a long an distinguished career in the NFL, 18 seasons to be precise. Over those years Seau has decided to become involved in his community. Living in San Diego during the offseason, Seau has established a local charity entitles "The Junior Seau Foundation" which supports the prevention of child abuse, helps raise drug and alcohol awareness and promotes other programs aimed at keeping kids out of trouble, or helping them if they're in it.

Seau's foundation ( holds an annual three-day event called the Junior Seau Celebrity Golf Classic, which includes the TEAM Seau Dinner and Auction, the Legends Party at SEAU’S The Restaurant and the Golf Tournament.

Last weekend at the event, Seau, and a number of the attendees attended the event to honor former Rams running back Marshall Faulk. A few of the participants spoke with's Jaime Maggio.

When Maggio inquired about the host's future plans, Seau was noncommittal. "Have you thought about anything for next season?" asked Maggio. "Nah, not really," Seau responded." I haven't even really thought about it. I had my surgery on my shoulder, and cleaned that up. I feel good. I'm just taking on the things that are on my plate as of today."

A long time member of the San Diego Chargers, Seau has had his share of San Diego players and their sposes attend the outing. Drew Brees and his wife, Ben Leber, John Carney and Tim Dwight are among Seau's former teammates to attend the outings.

Current Chargers running back, and former league MVP LaDainian Tomlinson was on hand to lend his support. When asked if he was still upset at Seau for the AFC Championship game where the Patriots defeated the Chargers in Foxborough, Tomlinson put the past behind him.

"Junior was with the San Diego Chargers when I got there," said Tomlinson. "So I still love him like a brother no matter who he plays for."

Perhaps no one at the event knows Seau better than current Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. Harrison played with Seau when both were members of the Chargers. It was Harrison who campaigned for Seau to "unretire" and join him in New England two seasons ago. Perhaps that is why Harrison always speaks so highly of his friend and teammate.

"Junior is tremendous," said Harrison, a former honoree of Seau's foundation. "He's a leader on and off the field. He works extremely hard and he's a hall of famer. So just being around him you pickup on some very good habits and it's just a blessing to be able to have him as a teammate."

Seau's outing has continually generated interest in the local community. His effort sto give back have been recognized both locally and nationally. For more on The Junior Seau Foundation and it's mission, visit the website


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