NFL Draft: Groves Is Impressive, Again

Despite already turning in a good performance at the NFL Combine, Quentin Groves got quite a workout on NFL Pro Day on Auburn's campus. The Patriots are one of the teams showing special interest in this DE/OLB prospect. Get inside for a closer look at this top Draft target of New England. Could he be the Patriots top choice in the 2008 Draft?

Originally published on ITAT Mar 10, 2008

Auburn, Ala.--When Quentin Groves arrived at the Auburn football complex early Monday [3/10/08] morning, he had a pretty good idea of what to expect from NFL Pro Day having already gone through the NFL Combine last month. Even with that in mind the big defensive end/linebacker says that it‘s still a tough day, but he got through it fine.

"I think I had a pretty good day," Groves says. "It was a tiresome day doing the linebacker and defensive line drills. I'm coming off the symptoms of the flu last week that hampered my workout and I lost a little weight. It was a great day. I showed I could drop, I could catch, I can do the defensive line drills. Where do I go from here? I hope to work out with some teams and pray that I get drafted as high as possible."

Turning in a very good performance at the combine when he ran one of the fastest times for any defensive lineman while weighing in at 254 pounds, Groves chose to take his combine numbers on everything but the vertical, where he posted a 35 inch leap. Down to 249 on Monday because of an illness last week, Groves says he just wanted to take care of business without the pressure of performing like he had in Indianapolis.

"I think it is (easier on pro day) because you know what to expect," Groves says. "The only downside was they didn't do the combine specific drills like we did at the combine. That was kind of tough. You have the ability to ease the thoughts of the coaches and GM's here and can go out and perform because I've seen them all at the combine already."

Quentin Groves

Groves snares a pass during the linebacker drills on Monday.

Perhaps the biggest thing for Groves will be when he has the chance to work out individually with teams at their facilities to let them get a feel for him not only as a player, but as a person. Both the New York Jets and New England Patriots will bring Groves in for personal workouts on next Wednesday and Thursday.

Now all that remains is what position Groves will be drafted for. A defensive end at Auburn that played some linebacker as a senior, Groves will likely be put into that role in the NFL because of his speed and athleticism. He says if that's the case then he's ready for the next step in his growth as a football player.

"Judging from today most of them watched the linebacker drills," Groves says. "I think that's what everybody wants to see me play and see me do is play linebacker. Reggie Torbor didn't have a whole lot of tape (at linebacker coming out of Auburn) and he's going to start for the Dolpins and got a Super Bowl ring at linebacker.

"I'm comfortable," he adds on playing linebacker. "When I get to the league I don't have to concentrate on guys moving twice as fast because I've already played it in college. It helps in that sense."

Jason Caldwell writes for the site Inside The Auburn Tigers. His article is courtesy the network and Inside the Auburn Tigers website.

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