No Compensatory Picks For Patriots

The NFL announced the distribution of compensatory picks for the 2008 NFL Draft, and the Patriots were not among the recipients.

The compensatory picks have been handed out for the 2008 NFL Draft and for the first time since 2004, New England will receive no compensation. Last year the Patriots had nine (after trades) picks in the Draft. Four of those were compensatory selections. This year, the Patriots have eight selections in the seven round Draft.

Reviewing the Patriots Draft selections reveals that despite losing their first round pick as punishment for violating league rules, New England is still in decent shape for overall picks. The Patriots have four picks in the first three rounds 1 first (7the overall), 1 second (62nd overall) and 2 thirds (69th overall and 94th overall).

In 2007, the Patriots used nine picks, netting just one player who saw action during the season: first round pick Brandon Meriweather (24th overall). Only sixth-round selection, DB Mike Richardson remains with the team.

New England traded a fourth round pick for Randy Moss (A great deal) and a second and seventh round pick for Wes Welker (another shrewd move). Still, with their remaining picks, they netted only two players who remained on the roster as sophomores (not good).

Here are the Patriots draft picks for 2008:

1st round - pick 7 (7th overall): 2007 trade from 49ers
1st round - pick 31 (31st overall) FORFEIT - no pick*
2nd round - pick 31 (62nd overall): original pick
3rd round - pick 6 (69th overall) 2007 trade from Raiders
3rd round - pick 31 (94th overall): original pick
4th round - pick 30 (129th overall): original pick
5th round - pick 29 (164th overall): original pick
6th round - pick 31 (197th overall): original pick
7th round - pick 31 (238th overall): original pick

*New England forfeited their original first round pick (31st overall) due to violation of league rules

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