Rumor Mill: Patriots Want Allen

The rumor mill continues to revolve surrounding Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen. As noted yesterday, the Chiefs are getting closer to dealing the disgruntled DE. But did you know New England was still in the mix?!!!

Patriots Insider reported two months ago that three teams were speaking with the Chiefs about possibly acquiring Allen. Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated reported that two of the teams involved included the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. Since that report other teams have joined the discussion in possibly acquiring Allen, with two frontrunners emerging: the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The question regarding the Patriots was where would Allen fit?

Due to his request for a new contract, adding Allen would be a major cap hit the Patriots might have trouble dealing with. Any deal would have required the Patriots to commit at least $20 million in guaranteed money pushing a potential cop commitment toward $6 or 7 million per year. The latest information is closer to $30 million.

Only two years removed from giving DE Richard Seymour a big contract, how could the Patriots afford to commit that type of money to another defensive end? Or, more importantly, why would they want to?

A popular theory circulating the 'Allen to New England' discussion is the possibility that the Patriots might be willing to deal Richard Seymour, and would need a replacement at defensive end. Seymour has a cap charge of roughly $6 million per season. His production has declined as the veteran end wore down due to nagging injuries. Though he told the media he feels better than he has for years, the focus is on Seymour's 2008 production.

Could the Patriots afford Allen?

With their current cap room in the $10 million range, the answer is yes. Could they afford Allen and another big free agent, like Lito Sheppard? Probably not.

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