Draft: Moffit A Target For AFC East teams

What is it about the Jets and the Patriots that they have to show extensive interest in the same players? Is it more about the actual players or is it just something they're doing to keep tabs on a rival? Ben Moffit can tell you. He was one of many prospects both the Jets and Patriots looked at closely. Learn more about Moffit in this Scout.com Q&A.

Ed Thompson:  What was your Pro Day experience like?

Ben Moffitt:  It was a pretty good experience.  I tweaked my hamstring before the Combine and I still wasn't one hundred percent, but I was able to go out there and run.  I think I ran a 4.58 on my 40, jumped a 37.5 on my vertical, and improved on some other stuff. I think was able to show the scouts and NFL coaches some of my ability.

Thompson:  You improved, yet you did very well at the Combine as well...

Moffitt:  Yes sir.  I had a hurt hamstring, so I couldn't run my 40, but I love to compete so I had to do something.  I got up there and competed and was able to come out with some good numbers.

Thompson:  What message does a solid score in the three-cone drill send to scouts for a player at your position?

Moffitt:  The three-cone drill has a lot to do with your ability to change direction and how you're able to move.  That's something I've always been good at.  I remember in high school, I did the short shuttle and I ran one of the fastest times at the Nike camp coming out of high school and they wondered how I was so fast.  Through my career people have labeled me as slow, but I don't know why.  It was nice to kind of prove people wrong — they think I'm going to run a 4.7 and when I run I run a 4.5-something.  

Thompson:  How big of a move was it for you to transition from outside linebacker to inside linebacker?

Moffitt:  I had fun playing outside and that's something I may end up playing again.  My natural position was middle, that's what I grew up playing and played in high school. I fit right into it.  My first year starting, I played the Sam and then I started working at Mike, so that's kind of my natural place.  

Thompson:  Thirty-seven tackles for a loss. What's your secret to success in getting guys behind the line of scrimmage?

Moffitt:  A lot of it is just coming downhill.  Coach Wally Burnham did a great job teaching me that you take your step, you can keep your feet hot, but still come downhill.  You're pressing the field, pressing the field, pressing the field and that's how you win games — getting them on their side of the field. It starts with D-line and then it's the linebackers.  That's how I was taught, you have to come downhill, you can't have any fear, you just have to go get it.

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Thompson:  How awesome was it to work with a coach like Mike Singletary at the Senior Bowl?

Moffitt:  It was definitely a great experience to have under your belt.  He has a different style of coaching than you may be accustomed to.  What I like about him is that he tells you exactly what you need to know — no more, no less.  If you're screwing up, he tells you exactly what you're doing wrong and says, "This is how you fix it; you need to work on this."  There were times every play that he would pull you off the field and tell you, "This is what you're doing wrong, this is what you're doing right."  That's good because that's how you fix your mistakes.

Thompson:  I saw where he said that you were going to be fine because when he did give you direction, you took it to heart and integrated it right away...

Moffitt:  I've always been like that from the first time I stepped on the field to play football.  I guess it was the way I was raised. My dad taught me how to work hard and take orders from the boss.  When he's on the field, he's the boss. And what he tells you, you believe it and you do it.  That's what I did with Coach Burnham.  What he said was the word and you took it to heart and had faith in it.

Thompson:  What are your plans for NFL Draft weekend?

Moffitt:  My mom wants to have a party, but I told her no.  I'm thinking about just going fishing and maybe being by myself.  I'm thinking about taking my two kids and just hanging out and waiting to see who wants to call.  

Thompson:  Is that pretty much how things have been through your life?

Moffitt:  Yeah. I work hard, I believe in hard work, and I know whatever team decides and wherever the Lord wants to put me I'm going to give them everything I've got and lay it all on the table.  I've always been taught to work hard, so that's what I'm going to do.

Thompson:  Is there anything you'd like to say before we wrap up this interview, Ben?

Moffitt:  I'd love to tell my fans I appreciate them and the support they've put behind me through some hard times in my life.  Another thing I'd like to say is, I'd like to send my best wishes and my prayers to the family of Heath Benedict. He was my roommate at the Senior Bowl, and he passed away unexpectedly.  I'd just like to send my gratitude, my prayers, and my love to him and his family and friends in this time of need and hurt.

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