Draft: C Cody Wallace Talks About Visits

Dante Scarnecchia has worked wonders with the Patriots offensive line in the past. Unfortunately the team's inability to Draft any keepers of late has let him down. One player who Scarnecchia could mold into a typical Patriot lineman -- low round pick who becomes a solid performer -- is Texas A&M's Cody Wallace. Ed Thompson checked in with Wallace to see how things were going ...

Ed Thompson: Since the Seahawks were one of the teams you talked to at the Combine, has it sunk in yet that you could be entrusted with protecting a guy like Matt Hasselbeck?

Cody Wallace: Yeah, there are going to be a lot of big name guys that you watch on TV and you've seen them for years playing and then you're going to be in the locker room with them, doing all that other stuff and just trying to make it. So it's going to be kind of a thrill, but its going to be a real big experience overall. So I plan to enjoy it no matter how long it lasts.

Thompson: Who were some of the coaches that you talked to at your Pro Day?

Wallace: Mike Tice was here with the Jaguars, the Rams O-line coach and the Bengals' O-line coach were down here also.

Thompson: Talk a little bit about your strength, because I know you've got quite a reputation in the weight room at A&M from what I've heard. What are some of the numbers that you've put up?

Wallace: Squat's kind of my better lift. I guess I squatted 740 here. Bench, I've done a 480 before. I know there are guys out there that are stronger than that, but I've been pretty pleased with how I've done with it.

Thompson: Now help me reconcile this. I know you're an Academic All-Big 12 and you've always been a good student. And the times I've met you at the Senior Bowl and when I saw you at your Combine press conference, I'm sitting there thinking "this is one really nice guy." But you're also pretty darn nasty out there on that offensive line.

Wallace: [laughing] Yeah, I try to be. You've got to be a little different out there on the field than you are the rest of the time. If I went around like I did on the field all the time, I probably wouldn't have any friends. I guess its kind of a glitch. I know a lot of people talk about having to flip it off and on, but it's just something that if you're going to play football it kind of needs to come naturally to you.

Thompson: As a three-year starter, what are some of the things that you're most proud of and that you think speaks well to these NFL teams?

Wallace: The proudest moments here at A&M were when we had to come back at the very end and put together a winning drive. The thing I really enjoyed about that was just seeing everybody working together and staying focused, putting it all together to win those games. Ultimately, I think that is what I enjoy the most about football. So the proudest moments were those ones out there with the guys, just trying to get a win.

Thompson: How much interest are you getting as a guard? At 6-foot-4 you've got the height for the position...

Wallace: A little bit. Just about every team that I've talked to asked me if I'm comfortable with it and some of them asked me about the Senior Bowl since I played a little guard there.  I feel OK with it, it's just been a while since I've done it, so it's going to take a little bit of time to get used to it. But hopefully it's something I can do that helps me out and ultimately gets me a longer, better career in the NFL if it comes down to that.

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