UTEP's Sam Follows Path Blazed By Others

UTEP QB Lorne Sam can make plays with his arm, his legs and most importantly with his head. The intellectual former Miner listens to his brother P.K.'s advice on the pitfalls of the next level. Ask Sam if he hopes to be a QB, and he's quick to deny that. "That's the misconception," Sam said. "I'm a wide receiver." If Antwaan Randel-El, Matt Jones and Brad Smith can do it, so can he.

Former Florida State alum P.K. Sam may not have fared all that well during his time in Foxborough, but Lorne Sam his brother, hopes to parlay his college experience at Florida State and UTEP into a long career in the NFL. The New England Patriots are just one of the teams to take a closer look at this amazing athlete.

Lorne Sam knows a few things about how the NFL works. It's because his brother P.K. Sam, a former player for the New England Patriots, has been there before. Lorne, believes he has what it takes to make it in the NFL, and the wisdom his brother shared should help.

Sam was the quarterback at UTEP last year, but he hopes to land a shot as a wide receiver in the NFL According to Sam's agent Eugene Lee, the precedent is there.

"Lorne is one of the most explosive athletes in this year's draft (as evidenced by his 70 quotient on the bench, vertical and broad jump)," wrote Lee via email. "His versatility and ability to contribute to a team in a variety of different ways (WR, RB, third QB, special teams coverage units) tremendously enhances the value of his roster spot."

No argument here. With the likes of Atwaan Randel-El, Brad Smith and Matt Jones - all former quarterbacks who became receivers in the NFL - Sam has the road already paved for him. Considering P.K. plays receiver for the Raiders, Lorne also has family genetics on his side.

Patriots Insider caught up with Lorne earlier this week on the Patriots Insider Radio show.

Click here to listen to the segment where Lorne explains he understands what it takes to make it in the NFL and he's working hard to achieve that dream.


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