Post-Game Report

What an outstanding game. It has become very clear that for the Patriots to have a great game, they have to take the early lead. Keeping the score close seems to bring out the best in the Patriots players, with Brady as a possesion passer as opposed to throwing down field.<p> This game, however, was not in such character.

It started out as a scoreless game which turned into a field goal match in the second quarter. Paul Edinger with a 39-yard field goal, to start off the second quarter, brought upon an amazing Adam Vinatieri 57-yard field goal. Two more field goals would follow in the first half, one by each kicker.

In the 3rd quarter, an 11-yard pass from Jim Miller to Stanley Pritchett advanced the Bears to a 13-6 lead over the Patriots. Next, a 44-yard pass from previous highschool quarterback Marty Booker to Marcus Robinson pulled the Bears to a 20-6 lead. To finalize the Bears' 3rd quarter scoring, Anthony Thomas, on a 2-yard run, brought a 21-point lead to the Bears. The only thing to keep the Patriots in the game during the 3rd quarter was a 15-yard pass from Brady to Kevin Faulk and a 42-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri.

Down 27-16 coming into the final 15 minutes of the game, the Patriots brought out an amazing show of skill. Throwing screens and "dump-passes" and keeping Brady protected inside the pocket brought the team within field goal range and allowed Vinatieri to kick a 25-yard field goal about four minutes into the 4th quarter. What seemed to throw the Pats into an even larger slump was a 32-yard field-goal by Edinger.

Kevin Faulk, on a 36-yard pass from Tom Brady, brought in another six points. The two-point conversion failed when Brian Urlacher stopped a Kevin Faulk run. The Bears thought they had stopped New England's final drive when defensive lineman Brian Robinson stepped in front of Brady's pass with less than a minute left for an obvious interception. Yet, Robinson juggled the ball as he was going down previous to losing it. Officials originally ruled that he'd intercepted the pass and fumbled before teammate Rosevelt Colvin recovered for the Bears. Although, officials reviewed the play and said Robinson never had control, consequential to an incomplete pass. That gave the Patriots one final chance with a fourth down at the Bears 30 with 54 seconds to go. Brady sneaked in a three yard rush to bring about a first down.

On second down, Brady somehow avoided a sack and shoveled a pass to Kevin Faulk for a 7-yard gain. Then on third-and-3 from the Bears 20, he found Patten in the back of the end zone. Patten had a step on McQuarters and upon reception, it was 100 per cent apparent for a reception although the officials initially ruled touchdown, but then reviewed the play. They upheld the decision on the field, saying that Patten had his right foot down and was able to drag his left foot in the end zone before going out-of-bounds.

A very stimulating game to say the least with the Patriots pulling yet another of New England's greatest comebacks. While in the first half of the game the Patriots did not seem the Super Bowl Champions that they are, they came back in the second half to show a great amount of teamwork and skill. Brady regrouped and led the Patriots to a very convincing comeback. He showed great leadership skill while Belichick showed his outstanding coaching talent.

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