Report: Walsh Turns Over Tapes To NFL

The New York Times reported that former Patriots assistant Matt Walsh has sent in eight videotapes to the league. The report indicates that the tapes do no include some widely speculated footage of the St. Louis Rams. So what's next?

Early reports of the materials submitted to the NFL in the Matt Walsh videotaping investigation indicate that the evidence provided to the league includes eight videotapes. The tapes were submitted to the league in accordance to an agreement between Walsh and the league that will allow Walsh to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss the materials with indemnity.

The New York Times reported that the eight tapes from the Ex-Patriots video assistant do not include footage of the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXVI walkthrough as was widely speculated by many media outlets. (LINK)

According to the Times report, the tapes include footage of games against the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers game was the AFC Championship game.

The tapes date from September 25, 2000 to September 29, 2002. Walsh was an employee of the Patriots from 1999-2003.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is set to meet with Walsh Tuesday, September 14th to review the evidence submitted and to discuss the specifics of those materials. Senator Arlene Spector is also set to meet with Walsh to hear what the former Patriot employee turned golf pro has to say.

Walsh's name first arose when a media report in February - citing an unnamed source - indicated that there might be evidence of the Rams practice session. ESPN reported that one person who may know something about the taping was Walsh, though he wouldn't go on record about what he knew.

Months of legal wrangling led to frustration expressed by the Commissioner over the inability to reach an agreement to hear what Walsh had to say. If there is new evidence, the Commissioner has not ruled out further sanctions against the Patriots in addition to the ones he levied against the team in September: Loss of a first round Draft pick in 2008 and $750,000 in fines.

With the news from the Times report, unless Walsh shares some additional information in his meeting with Goodell, it appears that the investigation will likely come to a close. Goodell is set to address the media after meeting with Walsh next week.

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